The start of my "holidays"

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While on a starbucks study date with Minnee, she asked if I could accompany her for a senior's POP. First, I didn't really like the idea of studying home and doing work. Second, it seemed like a good photo opportunity. So, I said yes.

Outfit:: Purple love bonito dress (got from a flea), bag (theclosetlover), Bracelet (abit obiang but bought in china for dirt cheap. hmm should have gotten silver or something), Shoes from Rubi

Featuring my sparkly nails!

Thank god it was in CCK so I didn't have to travel far haha. Lazy is me.

There was a shuttle bus to fetch us to the HomeTeam Academy which I found out is the place that I always pass by on the way home. Thank god I knew the way, if not I would feel so lost. Since there was nothing to do, we had to snap some shots duh.

I was giving my best scrunched-up face. Deserves an award for it dontcha think?

And look at my incredibly big eyes, they are my nicest feature HAHA. We look like retards here.

It was my first time watching a POP and well, it's nothing much maybe because we didn't stay for the actual parade lol. Just went to say hi and stayed for the rank affixing thing-a-magit?

On account that this was my first time attending a POP, I forgot that there was a how should I say this, "throw cap/hat/whatever you call it" session which is epic and could produce some nice shots. So, I didn't know when/how it would happen but it did and I missed it completely. slkfjdlfsljsdlfkjsldfjd

After which, we decided to head home since it was kind of awkward and boring. There were some people cutting the grass and I decided to take a shot. hmm it was pretty funny because I actually asked this man for permission and he proceeded to pose for me! Cool outfit shot, no?

Helped her with an ootd shot haha.

We headed our separate ways after that and I had a totally last minute impromptu movie night session with my girls! I didn't wanna go back so early and I've been dying to catch "catching fire" so I just texted Pearlynn if she was free and ziyun was free too! So thankful for these girls who were able to make it on such last notice!

I'm a small fan of the hunger games trilogy, the books and the movies. So it was pretty damn exciting to be watching the sequel! The ticket was supposed to be $8.50 each unless you had some popular/ntuc card which entitles you to a $1 discount. I have a popular card but ohwhyohwhy didn't I bring it that day. The lady behind the counter was so nice, she gave us the discount anyway, emphasising that this will only happen once haha. Good karma goes a long way.

Shall not say much about the movie but it was not bad. More of the revolution story is surfacing and I can't wait till the next movie comes along! Jennifer Lawrence is so stunning...

Look at this cool shot! There was condensation on my lens and the coloured lights right outside the mrt.

We were walking home after the movie and then decided to have a HTHT (heart to heart talk) at some random busstop. There was endless things to talk about. Ziyun went on about her palm reading coolshit. Apparently, I have a lot of emotional trauma in my life (true), and I'm not tied down by fate, so I can control my life (I hope it's true). Good and bad I suppose. We talked about the weirdest things possible, horoscopes, life path number (I brought that up since we were this topic) haha, just like we always used to.

Ranted/got advice from them about relationships matters and I got kind of inspired to take better control of my life and emotions. Shall not mope around and stay so down all the time since there's no point anymore, even if I really want things to work out. I just hope time will heal all wounds. And heal fast.

Anyway thanks for the htht session, really needed to get some things off my chest. Can't wait till the next time we all meet!

Gonna stay strong,

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