Baking 101: Macarons

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Baked macarons with zy's mum haha cos she's this macaron expert srsly
Didn't take the whole process cos there was far too many things to take note and learn from her mum. So I'll do it the next time! It's not a complete success this time round. Even though they look perfect and delicious, unfortunately they came out uncooked inside... I'd say baking is very much a roller-coaster ride cos you get all your hopes up, and you get disappointed and the cycle continues...

Isn't the set-up just lovely? haha it's very low-cost cos I'm broke as always from spending on shopping which is never enough.

Lace Doyleys - can be purchased from NTUC Fairprice
Picnic napkins - Daiso (they sell them in large packs which is quite dumb cos I only need one for deco purposes, but.. oh well, budget. Which reminds me, I probably need to drop by daiso soon)
Floral table runner - Daiso (well, you can't really tell the design here but anyway it's just to get a plain/basic background. Shall try to capture it better next time)
Spoons - China hahaha (so I bought these at a warehouse shopping place in Shanghai and I got it like dirt-cheap, should have bought more but I knew my mum was so gonna nag lol. Btw the quality doesn't look good so I've never dared to use them for actual eating lolol.)

Basically, Daiso is your go-to place for all things DIY :) 

Can't wait till my next macaron baking session!


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