Bringing the picnic indoors!

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The best thing that happened to our cca is that we finally got a space of our own, and our newly set-up studio! Extremely appreciate Mr Wong's efforts in our cca, thanks to him we have a lot of new initiatives up and running/upcoming. There's really no better teacher than him, one who would go out of his way to help us! 

While we have our studio set up, the downside is that we aren't able to take and print photos for the school, during events and such, as many schools do. We are not able to do a photobooth setup and print photos for students because a) we don't have the funds to do so b) the school doesn't provide any funds to do so c) the school is against any student programs with regards to money-making/fund-raising
So if we were to accept money from the students for printing services alone, it would not be allowed. Hopefully, the school will be more open to this and we can open up our studio services during special events. 


The theme was "Picnic"! Actually, I've been wanting to do a picnic themed-photoshoot since a while ago, around last year when we were planning our studio trip program which was cancelled...hmmm.... Everyone else was fine with the idea and I have to specially thank the girls especially eelynn, soekhui and weixian for helping out with the props!

I brought homemade macarons which were left in my fridge for so long because I forgot about them lol. Homemade leh! Not bad right? Shall post about baking macarons soon!

Tips for a "picnic themed" photoshoot:
1. Au Naturel

Go for the natural look for the attire, wear something fun and casual. If opting for dresses/skirts, go for those that are lightweight and bright in colour. 

2. Props bring out the story
For this shoot, I think our props are pretty decent! The most important ones would be flowers(flower crown/band), hats/caps and food! For our food, we placed them on delicate beautiful tea-ware, those with floral details would work really well! We also had wine(actually ribena haha) and books, and sunglasses to bring out the care-free feel.

3. Research on poses on the internet
Do some research of how others pose during outdoor shoots. Experiment with different perspectives, interact with the props, interact with each other.

4. Let loose and have fun!
Ultimately you gotta have fun to look like you're having fun in the photos!

For more photos, or for more of such photos, you can always head on over to our club's official facebook page


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  1. SO COOL! So fortunate to have such great facilities in your school! (: Pretty photos!

    1. Yesssss so cool that we finally got the studio facility! Thankksss you have pretty photos also luh!! ^^