Selfish Gene Cafe (feat. QPS)

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You're probably wondering what QPS is, it's actually Quality Primary School that doesn't exist obviously cos we made it up lol. Inside joke, long story. So great that we had a good break after prelims, a long one in fact, since we ended our papers earliest woopwoop. 

Everyone's very easygoing which was awesome cos we ended up going to the cafe which I suggested, among a few haha. Headed out to Selfish Gene Cafe (
on a Monday afternoon, after a lazy good-weather-to-sleep-in morning.

 They have a separate menu for weekends and weekdays so if you want more variety can try going on weekends, but then again it wld most likely be crowded. Check out their website for their menus.

We reached there around 1230 plus? Almost 1 I guess cos siewyeng and I were late and the rest waited for us haha oops paiseh paiseh. The place was full but we managed to get a long table. How lucky!

 Isn't the shadow so keewwll? wonder if it was intentional or a coincidence...

If you can see at the top right hand corner, it says: " Gene is selfish because he would not serve food he would not eat" 

The founder sounds like an interesting guy no? 

The ambiance there was fantastic, very chillax, people just hanging out and eating good food. And the service is superb, the waiters are so friendly and nice!

Btw the food is inclusive of gst, so that's another plus point! you would have to order and pay at the counter and get your own water but it's really nothing.

 B A G E L & S M O K E D S A L M O N 
toasted bagel with norwegian smoked salmon, cream 
cheese and mixed salad 

Personally, I don't fancy bagels, in fact I don't like them at all. So... definitely not something I would order haha.

 H A M & C H E E S E 
honey baked ham, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, mayo 
– sundried tomato bread 

One of the highly recommended dish from online reviews and it looks so yummy though I didn't get to try it.

 B E E F 
low temperature roast beef, arugula, sweet onion 
jam, dijon mustard, mayo – sundried tomato bread 

This is da bomb I swear. Besides the point that I'm a total beef lover, this sandwich has all that I ever want in a sandwich. The taste is balanced just right, not too sweet or salty. 
 S M O K E D S A L M O N T A R T I N E 
norwegian smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, 
black olive crumb, dehydrated caper, yogurt – 
multigrain bread 

I'm such a sucker for all things salmon which was the main reason why I ordered this. The chef cut the salmon perfectly and it just melts in your mouth. Thinking about it makes me drool. 

T H E V A L E R I E 
homemade berry compote & cream cheese on 
toasted brioche with scrambled eggs and mixed 

I would rather order meat than berries cos I'm just that kind of person lol. But the sweetness of the berries and the sour cream really complemented each other and it was quite a delight to eat this. On top of that, the mushrooms tasted fresh and succulent, might want to give that a go.
(p.s. just ask them to change your scrambled eggs for mushroom)

B A N A N A C A K E 
mini loaf of banana cake served warm with banana, 
caramel, crumble and peanut butter sauce 

You have to try this banana cake! It's served warm which makes it so appetising and it's just perfect really. Moist enough and fluffy enough, I wouldn't mind eating it over and over. In fact, I asked if anybody would want to share another one, but oh well, we all know how that ended haha. The peanut butter was what made it so special and gave it an extra oomph.

Sooo that's all with the food.
Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting this cafe for its ambiance, service and most importantly for the awesomesauce food.

40 craig road

singapore 089678

(alight at outram mrt and it's a short 10 mins walk)

opening hours:

monday to friday 10am to 530pm.

last order: 5.15pm

saturday & sunday 9am to 5pm.

last order: 4.45pm
Love hanging out with ma clique cos they're always so funny hahaha never a dull moment. Annddd Rach and Siewyeng laugh at my lame jokes! HAHAHA 

With Jenny, my supermodel friend

Siewyeng, the laugh-uncontrollably one

Rach and Joey!
Idk wtf I was doing with that face lolol

Me, Jenny, Minnee

Okay the 2 photos above are just hilarious! cos they "took turns" to close their eyes LOL

There was this lady who walked by and happened to be in the shot so she posed lol so cute right. She helped us take a photo after that!
Yay full attendance!

We went to gai-gai around the area to check out the place, since we haven't been here before, except joey.

 haha so cool right this mural lolol. young ancient-times maiden with their chanel macbook handphone hahha

 Stumbled upon a bookshop that didn't allow photography, unfortunately

I sneaked a photo cos the windows are too cute. Anw this bookshop is pretty damn cool

Supermodel jenny <3 <3

Outft details that day

Striped Top-cotton on
Denim Bottom-carousell
Crochet flats-TOMS
Statement Necklace-H&M

So school reopens tomorrow and well, I can't wait (as if). Shall try to do some work today. Try. hahaha


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