"Ditch-homework-for-my-girls Day" : MU Parlour Cafe @ Holland Village

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The last few weeks of the school term really took a toll on me, what with all the work we had to do for the exhibit/cca in addition to all the work I had to catch up, I was, exhausted, from head-to-toe and sleep never seemed enough. Apart from all these commitments, I also had to meet up with my friends to hang out. But hey, I'm not complaining when I've got such awesome company :) I'll ditch homework anytime for them, as I have already done so hahahaha.

I'm swarmed with so many commitments that my weekends are always burnt with tuition and piano so whatever time I had left is supposedly dedicated to school work and revision etc, because there just isn't any other time to do them! But of course I heck care and rushed down to Holland V after piano lesson to catch-up with my girls~

Not sure if they got "infected" with my outrageously bad luck, because the plan didn't go as smoothly as it should. Our original plan was to hang out at "D'good Cafe" which had beautiful interior, what if all the white swings and beanbags and rooftop alfresco nightlights setting. If you haven't checked out this place, you can always head over to their website for the photos! Hopefully, I'll have the time to visit this place soon. As I was saying, the cafe was packed (should have expected it because it was a Sunday), and they looked for "The Book Cafe" which was apparently closed down since last year... 

It was a blessing in disguise because they ended up at this quaint little cafe called "MU Parlour Cafe" located at the second level somewhere along Thai Express and Coffee Bean if you know what I'm saying. It's quite hidden as it is on the 2nd level which you may msot likely miss if you weren't paying enough attention. I say "blessing in disguise" because the interior is pretty darn neat.

Take a look and you will know what I mean.

They've got nice large artsy prints on the white-washed textured walls.

Can I express my love for all things white?!

 Perfect place to chill out in the day

For smaller tables, they have these cute princessy chairs that look so grand and elegant

The handwritten menu and the counter with their pastries and cakes!

Toilet sink. Love the rustic, untouched vibe this place gives.
btw, spot kailin and I in the reflection hahaha

Gorgeous gorgeous classy furniture. I want to steal them home LOL

I absolutely adore the white interior, the walls, the chairs! I think I have a crazy obsession with white stuff, even my wardrobe is filled with white dresses... hmm....

I reached there in the late afternoon and didn't have appetite for a full meal/wasn't hungry/too broke to afford anything anyway, so I didn't order any food but from what the girls took photos of, they look darn appetising la and well, I'm a complete sucker for all-day breakfast. Who can resist poached eggs, am I right, am I right?

Since they couldn't finish their food, I ate some of their fries for them haha, it smelt too good to resist even though I wasn't hungry. If I'm not wrong the fries were cooked with garlic or something cos it   was  goooooddd

Chocolate cake that defines "Guilty Pleasure" accurately. The thickness and creaminess of the layers of chocolate. Wow. A piece of it is huge but it can certainly satisfy all cravings of chocolate and of cake. But but but, it's a bit sweet, and a bit gelat one piece is all I can take.

The menu and the cakes at the counter can tantalise all your taste-buds and I believe, when my wallet gets thicker, that I will pay them a visit again, this time, actually spending some money.

Personally, the whole point of visiting a cafe, is to soak in the ambiance. To me, that's key. You want to feel like you're in a different dimension, as though you teleported to a different world. The thing about cafes is that they are all unique and special in their own ways, the interior and the food. And it's always something different at a new one you visit. Which makes it all the more interesting, with surprises at every corner

MU Parlour
16A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Tel: +65 6466 9336
Sun to Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – 2am
Nearest Station: Holland Village


Enough of all the raves of the cafe, the best thing about it is that they didn't chase us away even though we stayed for hours!

Both of them were dressed in Midnight Blue coincidentally! Great minds think alike! 

Wahhhh everyone's so pretty~~ insecurities acting up again... surrounded by all my pretty friends....

As usual we had a great time gossiping about the people around us, talking about shit in school and just random out-of-the-blue conversations. Like when we talked about The Sims, hahaha Jingting and Yuting were quite into it and they told us all the crazy things you can do, like say, have a ghost-baby?! whhaattt hahahaha

Love them forever and ever.

I look weird in every photo so just ignore me, don't know what was wrong that day :(

For the 2 group shots you saw in front, I had to ask this other customer which made me feel really bad cos we didn't want to disturb their good time and be a total nuisance. So we were trying to find some way to take a group photo without troubling that person again. She was so kind and even helped us with our polaroid shots!

I placed my camera on a table to get the shots below...

Settings was off but couldn't change it cos a group of people came in and had to sit in the area where I put my camera... I look so freaky luh wts askjdlakjdaknsnjl hate this photo the most... should have just stood behind them..... sighpie

Polaroids courtesy of Julia! The polaroids are cool huh? With the tile-coloured frames! Julia gave me one so now it's at the back of my phone cover since my cover is transparent. So I get to see them all everyday lol. Sad that Amanda and Soekhui couldn't make it. That soek la go her cousin's birthday party or something don't know what luh -_-   D:

"Pretty women, walking down the street~" the most apt song for this photo 


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  1. The pictures are so lovely!!! <3

    1. Thanks aline!^^ It's because it's filled with lovely girls hahaha