Hey what's up!

I'm Gracia, pronounced, "gray-shur" or "gray-sheer" but some people call me "gra-ci-a" which is cool with me. My name's kind of unique (though less and less recently) so others commonly mispronounced it but it's okay!

I'm turning 18 this year which is pretty big for me only because I have to take the As. Yup, I'm currently studying in a JC but I'm not as smart as all the genuises there.

 True blue Singaporean here though I've been told I look like ang-moh (eurasian), korean, Chinese (from China), whether or not I really do, it's up to your own discretion.

My life, for now, revolves mainly around school and studies. But of course, I do go out and have fun duh. When I'm free, I like to pursue my passion: photography. There's also time for me to do so during cca as I'm in my school's Photography Club (https://www.facebook.com/rvphotographyclub).

Besides that, I'm a total foodie who enjoys baking
and I'm at the age of exploring fashion, trying to find a style that suits me.
Take a peak into my life and read on!