A Stripey Day

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Yesterday was our cca camp. But I was busy preparing all the games, setting up and then clearing up that I didn't get to play or even just watch a single complete game. It was kind of sad that I didn't get to interact much with my juniors. While it was tiring doing all that behind-the-scenes work, it was nice to know that they enjoyed what we prepared. My body is aching as I speak.

Also, rushed off to catch Escape Plan in the cinema with some of my classmates. Mind-blown omg, it was sooooo good, the plot and the twists were exceptional it's highly recommended. One of the best movies I have seen in a long while. Got to catch it if you haven't!


Anyway, here's another one of days of the holidays before I fly off to Shanghai, blowing November away~

Haven't seen Julia in such a long while since we're now in different classes and especially because of hectic school life/schedule/work. Originally, it was just Zhaoying and Julia meeting up but I decided to tag along. Haha so extra right? Sorry luh but they were okay with it so... I met up with ZY first before heading to ulu ulu Bukit Timah. It was such a total coincidence that ZY was wearing stripes as well!

Actually they went there because there was this shop that sold cheap polaroid films. There was a polaroid camera on sale ($115?) and I was soooo tempted to get it/beg/plead with my dad to buy it for me. But, then I thought otherwise. Should spend money investing on lens and flash instead,right? Polaroid should be secondary(though it's cool).

Julia tried our Red Velvet Brownies (in the previous post) and said it was good! Yippee! Oh and I also passed it to Vanessa, my childhood friend, and she said her sister thought she bought it! wahhhh, huge compliement leh! Our brownies, store bought! :D :D :D

zhaoying, julia, me

 It was so AWKS because we wanted someone to help us take a shot and asked this old security guard who looked like he didn't know what he was doing lol.

Anyway, got to thank the girls for accompanying me while I shopped for logistics for the cca camp. I was like an auntie with bags and bags of stuff hanging from my arms. Thank goodness they were there to help me carry all those bags! Sorry to trouble you girls!

Later on, we walked further and found this cool concrete place that didn't have any people. Of course, I had to shoot there! I gotta say, after getting my compact dslr (Canon G1-X), I tend to shoot more when I'm out and about. First, because it's definitely way lighter than my dslr (Canon 550D) and second, because the shots are great! Loving it more each day.

Zhaoying and Julia!

Everyday, I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so much love from my friends and family! I've got so many plans during the December that I think I probably won't have time to study hahaha. No luh, my grades so bad, have to chiong during December le, since my November is gone.

Striped dress (H&M US), Beaded necklace (turkey), white gold bracelet (a gift from my uncle)
 Recently, I've been wearing that bracelet to death because it's so easy to match and adds class to my outfits HAHA. Also, have I already proclaimed my love for this traditional handmade Turkey necklace? To be honest, I can't remember, blame my Short Term Memory.

Realised that my hair is getting frizzier everyday. Like a lion mane! Wish I could change my hairstyle or get a new colour or something... But bo liu (no money), so, what to do.

Btw, I saw that I missed 2 episodes of the new season of HIMYM (season 9 already!) on tv and the only other repeat I can catch is on Saturday. Hope my memory won't fail me. yet again.

praying hard that Shanghai's weather won't be extremely cold,

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