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These few days (actually mon and tues only hurhur) have been great! Feeling so accomplished due to all the little little things that happened.

I finally got around to editing the photos for the outdoor wedding shoot we did last week and some of the photos looked so beautiful, especially due to the fact that we had such photogenic models! Can't thank them enough. But more on that on another post...

On monday after school, we, Minnee, Jenny and I finally made time to decorate the classroom! So sorry to everyone that it took us the longest time to get our asses on it. Oh come to think of it, I forgot to return a borrowed scissors, oops. We did it all at one go and it took us well over 2 hours! It's still not exactly completed done because there are just some minor details we have to add. Truth be told, I think it's pretty ^_^

Here's the noticeboard design that is meant to be cheerful to bring joy in our life hahaha
The moment you look at all the qtpie baby photos you just wanna smile right? Not being pedo of course but everyone's so adorable when they were young!

Doodle board there's free for all! Nothing much for now but I'm sure the artistic people will help to spruce things up! Actually anyone can draw, it's put up there for a reason. "Free charging station!" HAHAHA best joke ever.

Got to thank the girls for realising the ideas and concepts that I had in mind! Okay, actually for some of the ideas, I did research to get some ideas and adapted them. But I really like how everything suits and complement each other. There's this crafty diy feel when you look at it. Jenny says I can be a designer hahaha huge compliment from the art-genuis! Without these artsy girls it won't be as nice because the drawings are all done by them! Obviously not by me...

Something even better happened today during pe lessons. We had to run our 2.4 to get our timings and also for the teachers to track our progress after all the rigorous training we did (in a way). and and and I'm so proud of myself I ran 12.57!!! like whhuuutttt fastest I ever ran, ever! Shocked and ecstatic at the very same time!

Btw I experienced the most demoralising thing that you can ever experience while running: a whole flock of guys chionging and sprinting during their intervals and every single one of them lapping and overtaking you. seriously. haha but okay luh cos some of them tried to spur me on by saying jiayou and all. 感激 

Feeling so happy after the run because I really outdid myself this time. Before the run I was super nervous and my heart was beating so fast, I felt so uncomfortable so much so that it made me wanna poop. 
I guess it's because I had been running recently, apart from pe lessons, during my own time. When the night is cooling(which it is usually), I would go run for 2 rounds around the neighbourhood, sometimes alone, sometimes with my running khakis.
In a way, I was afraid that I would prove to myself that all those runs were a waste of time and that I could never achieve the standard that I want to, or improve on my fitness. I used to be quite fit when I was in band because we had morning runs and PT and whatnot, but after I quit my fitness now is horribly bad. That's also the reason why I wanted to train during my own time to build up my fitness. I mean I'm not pretty or smart or talented in anyway, so the only thing I have left is my health right? LOL
I'm so happy my efforts paid off. But of course this means that I will now be grouped with all the zai runners and will thus die a terrible death for my intervals training during pe... Shall put that thought off my mind for now! And also, got to thank meowcalm for running with me that few nights :D

I know this probably sounds so forced but I truly learnt an important lesson today. That as long as you work hard enough, push yourself harder, break all boundaries and limits you have set for yourself, then perhaps you may one day reach your goal, or maybe even outdo yourself.

Motivation to study harder, no? The irony of it all is that I'm here blogging while I'm supposed to be studying for the test!


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