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Recently I've outdone myself with the "level of clumsiness" and the amount of cuts and bashes I have accidentally inflicted on myself. For example, I ran for the lift and pressed the button, somehow I don't know how, I managed to get a deep gash on my thumb. It's so deep I can see the flesh :O
And just yesterday, I banged my head on the hand-dryer in the toilet because I bent down to put down my bag and hit it right smack in the middle. I was so lucky that it was spoilt if not I may have gotten electrocuted or have my hair on fire and stuff of that sort.
I'm slightly scared and worried of what might happen to me since I'm clearly on the streak of bad luck. And I sincerely hope that all this clumsy,weak,frail shit will stop.

I find it quite so amazing that my mum and her secondary friends still meet up every single chinese new year, without fail. After so many years away from school, despite their own busy lives, everyone makes the effort to come together and catch-up and update each others' on their lives, constantly reminiscing old times spent together and saying all the "do you remember"s. 

This makes me wonder if my friends and I would still meet up after school has ended, especially in university where everyone gets so busy and have so many circles of friends. 

Beautiful mothers and wives

After the gathering I went over to Vanessa's house to do some work together since we both had a lot of home work to rush through. Life of JC student. During that time I was feeling fat and unfit because I was struggling with pe. I mean, my first 2.4 timing of the year was 15.50 something I think! It's so horrifyingly slow. So I was determined to pull up that scrawny number and of course to get back in shape. 

Initially we wanted to run in the evening but then there was such a huge sudden downpour! I saw those tiny people (from vanessa's room) scrambling for shelter hahaha abit mean to laugh but it's too hilarious. Schadenfreude: Take pleasure from other's misfortunes. Fortunately the rain stopped and we ran to run later in the night. I didn't bring any running attire to her house so she lent me everything, from shirt, shorts, socks, shoes to even the hairband LOL. So glad to have such a friend in my life who doesn't care that I sweat in her clothes haha. Obviously I will get it washed before returning so please don't accuse me of being unhygienic. And auntie siewkee is too nice and caring, offer me ice cream, offer me dinner, like my second mum. So thankful that I have them in my life :)

We went all the way to ITE college west because they have a running track there which is relatively new compared to the one at cck stadium. The flood lights weren't switched on so it was dark. But I like it like that. It's good that nobody can see me run and sweat like a pig and pant like a dog. It's better this way to be "concealed". The best thing was that it was cooling as though we were possibly surrounded by trees. I ran 11 rounds that night wooaahhhh. Shocked at myself. 

We made plans to run every week after that but ever since that week we've both been either busy/unfit for physical exercise. Hopefully this week will work out!

Here's my family lou-hei-ing! wish success and good health and good wishes etc etc etc for everyone :D

p.s. you got to watch "you who came from the stars" if you haven't! Kim Soo Hyun <3 <3


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