Singapore Short Film Awards Screening @ The Substation

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Holidays? ummmm more like ho(mework) days D:

Besides homework and revision, there was a to-do list I made for this holidays, meant for some unwinding, and I'm sad to say, I haven't done any of them... :(((((((( sighpie x99999999999999
To top it all off, homework is undone, even though I've tried my very best, revision is barely there, and I've got a gazillion things left to do. Even caffeine doesn't work on me anymore and life is just perpetual fatigue. Why-oh-why #LifeofaJCstudent

Before I get back to checking off the homework list (slowly but surely, tonight I'm pulling an all-nighter), I went to The Substation a couple of weeks back, to check out some Singapore Short Films. Appreciate that the girls were so onzzz hahaha

Siewyeng was late so we ended by being almost late because we didn't know the way there/alighted at the wrong stop hahaha. It was so stupid we were walking in the hot hot sun and I was wearing heels/wedges so I couldn't walk as fast as I hoped for. btw, the wedges spoilt, goddammit. Me being me, I had to be a bitch and got a bit angry/frustrated at the issue. Sorry siewyeng.... I didn't want to miss the show so we took a cab which was quite expensive considering it was such a short trip! Like a few mins only... hmm... wondering if we got scammed but there's also nothing we could do about it so. lol. 

Not all the shows were fantastic, quite disappointed but there were a few that were gems hehe. 
Too bad you guys can't see it

After the show we walked around and took some photos!

Siewyeng took this thus the blurness hahahaha if not it would have looked real nice right! Aish, what a wasted shot. Thanks for the blur shots siewyeng LOLOL :(((( they looked nice except that they are blur.... 

Here's me being silly as usual trying to show the swishy-ness of my dress! HAHAHA 

On the right is "The Substation" and on the left is the Peranakan Museum! The architecture is beautiful. I'm biased because I love them whites.

This was not planned, I just happened to spin my head around. LOVE THIS CANDID SHOT THANKS SIEWYENG

Gummy smile because I love gummies. And yeah, I'm ALWAYS this lame.

My cutest friends <3 <3 <3 the ones who explode at every nonsensical thing happening and laughing their asses off at everything and anything. Thanks guys for bringing joy and lots and lots of laughter to what would otherwise be my mundane school-life. Thanks for making me smile and laugh and be silly and crazy. <3 <3 <3

Swallow print white dress (H&M), White Chained Bag (MIYOC), Floral headband (Daiso), Black beaded teardrop necklace (online), Bracelet (MIYOC), Brown platforms/wedges (online-Carousell is not bad)

The saddest part is when I realised these 2-3 photos are the only ones where they managed to capture my shoes in :( my poor shoes that spoilt after like 3 times wearing them.... suay or suay, am I right? 

Now, if only my hair wasn't in my face but blowing behind me. 

I wear this dress to death I'm sorry, swallow prints+white has got it going for me.


Laughing so freaking hard at what, I can't even remember

There's all these interesting street art, graffiti, stickers and whatnot. 

"say what now" 

"huh huh" 

We walked on and saw this cute little shop and curiosity got the better of us so we ventured in.

Turns out it's a film shop! They had all sorts of cool cameras which I can't even afford. Considering this shop is located in town, I would think the prices are excessively hiked-up, but don't trust me, I don't do fim. YET. Yes, I'm considering, but well, there are a lot of factors involved (don't ask me. I'm indecisive), so yeah. We'll see.

Sorry none of the photos are edited so if you think they are overexposed/underexposed/whitebalance off/colour balance off/etc, I would say, too bad.

yayyyyy nice shot! And look at that oncoming car hahaha we had to siam hurriedly if not *whambangpoom*

I realised that I've really got a thing for whites/blues and sometimes greens (mint especially!). I can't count the number of white dresses I have (kidding, my wardrobe is impeccably small T_T). While others have black to lean back on, I have my whites. I mean what kind of person has no black bag but has 2 white bags? Okay, maybe it's not that great a revelation to others who have never-ending supply of money to shop on. Can't spend any money recently cos money's tight nowadays :(

all those things I've been yearning and looking for.... I will get you some day. My clothes and accessories... p.s. I'm not materialistic, it just makes me happy to own pretty things. If it even makes sense okay I'm rambling now, as what my GP tutor says I do in my essays...

Mag why you so pretttyyyy :O 

I wanted to snap some shots for her and here's what I got! Happy girl~

I seriously suck at posing for a photo luh! Wts I was standing at such an odd angle, showing my fat fat arms uggghhhh  damn ugly only :(

Plus my fat arms got tan gradient what even T_T

My cute friends took photos with their phones of me HAHAHA
blurry+low res+noisy but actually not bad shots! I love my friends :D

wah wah wear wedges only my legs like look 5000 times longer! Too bad all spoil liao T_T 
can the shoe fairy pls bestow upon me some awesome wedges/heels? 

Mag and I headed to Raffles Place for dinner and we ended up at this place which serves such horribly cooked nasty-tasting (or more like non existent tastes) fried rice. It's called "Grandma's" and it sucks big time. PLS NEVER EAT THERE EVER COS I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. I have no idea how any human being would serve food and charge ppl money for such terrible terrible food!!! Unethical business ppl. Yucks, I hope their "restaurant" closes down soon, and it probably will.

And I also have no idea how anyone can cook food worse than my maid lol. Eating my maid's food is like buying lottery, you never know when you're gonna win/lose, but at least it's getting better yay! :)

A few more hours to school reopening, I can't stomach that.

Peace out,

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