Nassim Hill Bakery

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Studying everyday but still progress is slow... Hopefully it all works out. Only a few days left for the holidays. 

Took a break on one of the days to have a nice lunch and to do a little bit of shopping. I mean, GSS right? 

Cos there's this samsung galaxy life app that has really good deals, we decided to use one of it  that says 1-for-1 main course at this bakery/cafe/bistro/bar called "Nassim Hill Bakery" ( but more on that later. (p.s. the deal also applies if you have a DBS credit card)

Photos taken with my Canon G1-X

Gotta thank my best bud for shooting these for me :D :D 
So lucky that we saw such suitable places to shoot at on the way there haha
I guess that part of singapore is full of tall big green trees which give awesome lens flare

Dress (Cotton on), Jacket (MIYOC), Shoes (Zalora), Bag (H&M)

We weren't familiar with the area so had to use maps lol thank god for smartphones 

Hey we're here~

Spacious place maybe because there aren't many people there. We went there during a weekday afternoon. Considering that the venue (tanglin post office- it's in town just a few mins walk to orchard) is quite unheard of, at least to us, I guess that explains why. It will probably be crowded at night.

We decided to get their signature dishes/favourites, Hot Reuben Sandwich and Chili crab pasta! Doesn't the dishes' names sound tantalising already?

Hot Reuben $18
corned beef with melted emmental, sauerkraut, onions and Russian dressing on our
signature Asahi Kuronama beer bread 

It doesn't sound like much but it sure as hell taste delicious! The salad at the side is drizzled in sweet lemon sauce which is a great starter. The corned beef was cooked perfectly tender and not tough. And the bread was fragrant, don't ever underestimate the power of freshly baked bread!

Chili crab $24
Jumbo lump crab meat sautéed with our own spicy and tangy chili crab sauce on spaghetti

Though a little more pricey, this chilli crab is to-die-for. It is slightly spicy for me but it's actually not too spicy. Yeah I have a low threshold on spiciness lol. The crab meat is super duper fresh ohmygosh it's like going to a seafood restaurant and eating crab! Really really good.

Nassim Hill Bakery
Address: 56 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Post Office #01-03
Tel: 6835 1128
Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 8am – 8pm, Closed on Mondays

She took a stupid photo of me and showed me so I laughed even harder and she took another unglam shot!

So the ridiculous thing was... I forgot to use the 1-for-1 deal and we ended up paying in full. -_- so freakin forgetful don't know what I was doing, my brain was probably dead from all the studying. Haish ttly waste of money right T_T and I felt so bad to mun also

Ugh hate myself for being so forgetful. I think we were chatting so happily that we forgot about it...

Pardon my annoyed expression, I was so upset about the whole incident

Nice horh hahaha and the small "rainbow" at the right ^^
We got so many mosquito bites just standing there for that few minutes!

We went shopping after that, that's all.
Okay, gtg back to studying, damn.


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