Last week in words.

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We are halfway on our journey out of hell (read: PW). Whoop whoop. Got WR printed but didn't have time to take a photo with it cos we found some mistakes like 1-2 hours before the submission deadline and had to rush out the correct one #wahsoheng  But I daresay our cover page turned out so gorgeous yay, but didn't take a photo... So here's one of my bigass face.

tired me on the night we supposedly finished up WR

Recorded our song at a music school on Sunday. Jeremy was our vocalist!
Jeremy who wouldn't pose for a shot.
Wasn't looking at camera haha

Aiya I so cui


PW full attendance! Junhanå“¥, Jeremey-san, Minnee, Me, Jian-san

With Zhane who helped us with the recording, really thankful and grateful for all the hardwork!

On the weekdays, we were staying in school until 9-10plus to settle WR :(
Good news is that the school had a new swing in the garden!
Siewyeng and I
Unglam whatever.
 And our awesome, cold-joke-loving, humour-on-another-level, loves-pokemon, chemistry teacher treated us to pizzas just liked he promised! THANKS MR YAP for the 12 pizzas for only 24 of us! (damn sad I sore throat only had one slice...)
The row of pizzas

Minnee, Mr Yap, Me (and the 2 jokers at the back: Sammy and Terence)

Haiii gotta go memorise script. Hope everything goes well! 


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