A wake-up call

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Today, was a wake-up call for me.

Recently, I've been so self-absorbed with my own life, my own problems and issues in school and relationship-wise, that I've neglected all those around me. School alone has got me going crazy and everyday has been such a pain with all the stress and work.
But besides all my personal problems, there are even bigger, even more pressing problems out there. The world, does not consist only of me.
This year has been a rough year, with many ups and downs, there has been much sorrow and misery and today, I learnt of something bad that happened in my family.
I can't help but wonder what a self-absorbed person I have been all these while, always putting my troubles as priority before others, my own happiness and life before others. How selfish I have been.

While I learn of all these today, let it be a reminder for me and anyone out there to appreciate and give way to your loved ones and to care for them, in the simplest ways possible. Though I'm not an openly loving person, deep down, I still care a lot.

Now I realised, my troubles, my worries, are not as big as they seem. They are but a small hurdle that I have to overcome, regardless.

And it's today when I have so much I want to get off my chest, that I missed that person greatly, the one who I can share everything I want to say without being judged or whatever. Keeping all these thoughts and words to myself can be difficult, but I guess I'll live through it.

The sunset that made my day a couple of days back. Simple pleasures of life.

Stay healthy,

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