Leftover nachos and a pack of Pepero

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AHHH feel so ripped-off! Just came back from the 24h clinic which set me back by $70?!! What what. This is the first time it took me so fast to see a doctor. Waited like what 5 mins? Probably cos it's a public holiday+24h clinic, so nobody went cos it's gonna be expensive.

Feel so heartpain, although my throat hurts so badly and I desperately need some meds. But 70 bucks leh...

And cos of that my mum bought a SIX-PACK, nope not beer, but that holy-herbal-antelopebrand-drink. Been spamming pi pa kao/herbaldrink/danzen/lozenges the whole day already, but I still feel like a frog is living in my throat,haaaii.

Shouldn't have skipped dinner yesterday to end up eating leftover nachos and a pack of Pepero (which amazingly only costs $1.50 for 2, sorry cheapo me.)


But it tastes so yum-yum-in-my-tum-tum! 

Gotta head out to bed now. Cross my fingers that I'll be up and alive tomorrow. 


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