Life's tough.

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KittyKatAdventures at Boon Lay Shopping Centre 

Life's tough.
Wish I was a cat.
'Nuff said.

Actually talking about cats, I have a major fear of them, but that's cos those that I see around my neighbourhood are all black and scary! Imperfect info HAHA
Look at Mr Dangerous here staring at me.

For the first time in 16 years, I touched a stray cat, and it was pretty cool, I even named it "Orange", obviously cos it's orange in colour HAHA. But it was gone before I could take proper shots of it, probably succumbed to an illness cos it looked sick.
Anyway, with that I overcame my fear of cats! They are not all that scary and crazy like those cats that screech/scream/yell/meow at night.

Moral of story: Embrace your fears!


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