My friend is an Alien.

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They say when life gives you lemons, you made lemonade right? But how does that work when you haven't got any sugar? You just end up with lemon juice, all sour and yucky.

Deadlines are coming in and we are working round the clock trying to work something out for PW. The work never ends. After Promos and we have this to deal with. There's always something else to do. I wished we had endless number of hours in a day to do everything we want to do.

Everyday it's just PW, PW and MORE PW. I swear after PW I will just print a copy of the report for myself and burn it muahaha, kidding, I'll just party all the way, no lah actually got quite a number of commitments, but they will be fun (I hope). Everyday I feel so stressed doing PW, it's killing me. PW is seriously ruining all our lives. I even dream of it at night...  :( sigh.

Okay this post is so whiny and I'm sounding like a typical complaining Singaporean. I'm better than that, trust me. I'm usually not like that. I'll just suck it up I guess, like how everyone will do. Life sucks, period. Can't wait for the rainbow after the storm.

Anyway, went to starbucks today to chiong out some PW and to surprise Jeremy with a cake & presents! Actually, I think he expected it cos he kept HINTING about his birthday, thick-skinned ALIEN. Really regretted not bringing my camera out today, sigh, phone cameras are just not as good. We got Jeremy deodorant wipes thing HAHA (not that's he stinks or what but it looks cool, and it's super practical for him to use it after training), and a bruise-healer (?) thing cos we always hear of softballers getting bruises from training. Aww, we so thoughtful right?

Caramel Frappuccino 

With Minnee

I just realised we're standing in order of height. Thanks alot guys.

Minnee, Jeremy, Me Jianhao (missingL Junhan)

Happy birthday Jeremy! Guess he's probably chionging the PW stuff I'm chasing him for (oops). Though you're such an alien and we can't understand you, we will try HAHA! Thanks for being an awesome PW groupmate/classmate/alien. Hope you enjoyed your birthday! Let's all jiayou together and do our best!


Denim outerwear,Bugis Street. White spag top, found in wardrobe. Blue skater skirt,random shop. Mint necklace, Lovisa. Shoes, Rubi.


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