5J Class Chalet!

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Back from my class chalet! So exhausted from sleeping at odd hours and whatnots, although I think I'm the one who slept the most. Like a pig, oink. Nope, I'm born in the year of the Rat lol. There's a huge pile of stuff to do which I probably have to get to it soon. Namely, packing for my Shanghai trip! Not really sure what I can/should buy during my trip there, do let me know if there are any!

Recently, I've been so accident-prone. Anything that's bang-a-ble(?), duh, of course I will bang into it. The edge of the staircase railing? Bang. For example, I even woke up to a huge bruise (orh-che?) on my thigh on one of the days.
Even during the chalet
1. spilled hot water and scalded my hand
2. lost control while going down a slope: luckily I jumped off my bike, if not I would have been flung to the ground with it
3. banged into Jeremy cos I was trying to avoid Haoyi's "reckless driving"

Scary, no? Either I'm a magnet for accidents, or that I'm just really suay(unlucky).

Anyway, back to talking about the chalet that we had at Aranda. Mag booked the place and I headed to check in with her while the rest went to buy some stuff we needed. Basically just slack and nua until it was tie for dinner. I mean, that's just how chalet works, isn't it? We were playing mahjong and somehow I just couldn't win. Was on the verge of winning a couple of times, missing just one more tile, but just didn't manage to win...

I wanted to go overnight cycling so badly because the last time I went was last year! At first, everyone didn't really wanted to go. In the end, everyone were okay with it. YAY. We couldn't get any double-bikes so those who didn't know how to cycle had to learn there and then. I couldn't resist the urge to find out the path to East Coast Park, since I kind of forgot how. Initially, went out to explore with Mag and Siewyeng, but mag told me it was the wrong one, so we didn't go further and headed back to where everyone was. After that, went off with some of the guys to check out the path, turns out I was right!

Just to be extra sure, we cycled further and further and further, until it was mafan and far to head back, from where we were. But chongyuan, who was together with us, kept the chalet keys (for god knows why), and so we had to return as some of them wanted to rest. Some of us waited at some random busstop as there were others who wanted to cycle to ECP too. Was so excited because I was sooooo determined to cycle there. We only made it to Changi Village though.

Because it seemed like it was gonna rain and we decided it was probably dangerous to cycle in the rain. I was really disappointed, but for the sake of everyone's safety, it was a wise decision. EXCEPT, that it didn't rain.

Oh, and I met Malcolm there, what a small world!

Reached the chalet "early' in the morning and crashed on the bed. Didn't wake up properly till noon/afternoon. I was so tired I didn't even join the rest for breakfast, too attached to the bed. Played pool in the afternoon. As usual, no luck with that and I didn't score once.

with siewyeng

Before we knew it, it was time to go prepare for BBQ!
Got to thank Sammy and Dilys for preparing the atas food for us and for cooking all that yummy food the entire night! Thanks to them, we could enjoy asparagus wrapped with bacon! Craving it now!

Dilys our "head chef"

Ms Lee, our form teacher joined us for a short while and brought lots of food: 2 trays of mashed potato and a tray of Jelly hearts! All of them tasted good, so impressed hahaha. Thank you! She didn't wanna take any photos so I snapped some candid shots

Ms lee teaching mag how to prepare the chicken wings. Experience, indeed.
Mr Yap (chemistry) and Mr Neiw (physics) came as well and brought an entire chiller bag full of ice cream and lots of marshmellows respectively! Awww, we have the nicest teachers!

chongyuan, mr neiw, terence, mr yap, tianhao, ziwei, jeremy
Mr yap!
asparagus wrapped with bacon!

mag and joey

Jianhao, chongyuan
Jian's selfie gosh

with yihua
yihua, kaiyun, me

yihua, kaiyun
mr neiw and mr yap
doing the "jian's forced smile"
all smiles!

Initially, I wasn't planning on staying on the second night because I had something on the next morning. It got cancelled so I decided to stay for the night! Taught some of the guys how to pay monopoly deal. Throughout the game I was really bummed out cos I had the worst cards, no money, all my property taken away, you know what I mean... Somehow, somehow, I won! HAHA everyone was so surprised.

That was the night when I got labelled as "the one who scolds people". Long story short, I hate mess and dirt. But I was just being naggy, wasn't scolding... then everyone kept teasing me... why you all bully me :(

okay sorry I'm so naggy....

We had breakfast/lunch/brunch after checking out and ended home after that.

mag, siewyeng, jenny, me
When I got home, I glued myself to the bed and completely forgot about my makeup piano lesson that evening. And so, I woke up to my piano teacher calling me on the phone asking me where I am... So soorryyyy for missing the lesson!

Hope to get to see everyone again during the holidays, perhaps on a class outing? If we can even do it, with so many people flying overseas.


p.s. stay tuned to more baking 101: baked Red velvet brownies last night

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