Christmas 2013

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Although Christmas is technically over, to me, the whole of December is Christmas season. So I'm still giving friends xmas gifts even after the 25th haha. For me, Christmas is the best festive season (beside CNY because I get $$ lol) because without fail, my family will host a xmas party for my (maternal side) family. My grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins will come from afternoon and won't leave until late at night. We will just hang out, like as we would during CNY. Best of all, there will be tons of food! I was constantly full the entire day. Eat already, full, digest already, hungry, and the cycle repeats. Plus the relatives would also bring stuff like turkey, lamb, chocolates, fruit cake etc. etc. In short, it's a feasting. Non-stop eating HAHA. 

Christmas for my family is when we put up the christmas tree, adorn it with decorations, decorate the house. Christmas is not christmas without the tree. And yes, we do have a tree, a pretty big one too. It's fake luh duh, as in artificial, plastic and all that but it's been in the family for years! However, this year, my family put it up without me while I was in Shanghai boohoo. My wish is to get a real christmas tree when I grow up. Of course, provided that I have the space and money for it. Hopefully I would meet someone who will love Christmas as much as I do. 

This season is also one where we give our loved ones Christmas gifts! The feeling you get when your friends tell you they like/love your gifts is just YAAYYYYYY. Especially when you know the gift is perfect (or at least suitable) for them! For some people, it's easy to give them gifts because there are stuff that they need/want or that they really like a particular thing a lot. Others, on the other hand, don't really fancy a particular thing or that whatever they like are far out of your budget. Those people, haiii, hard to get gifts! I'm not exactly good at gifts but I try my best.

Back to christmas celebration at my home, this year, I invited some primary school friends over to hang out because I haven't had them over in a long while. Sadly, some of them couldn't make it. We played mahjong the whole time until I was so tired lol. I actually went to take a nap for a while cos really too tired le. Sorry guys!
As usual we had an awesome time talking crap and laughing at each other hahaha.

Anyway meow showed us this, quite hilarious, go check it out!

They stayed all the way from afternoon till night! Because there was a lot of food so we could all have dinner together :)

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If you've seen the video I posted up there, well, we were trying to imitate the lady HAHA. I was laughing like shit, couldn't keep a straight face.

There you have it! Record breakers of not blinking for 5 minutes! LOL

Yippee nice shot.

With our mahjong tiles! Addicted liao tsktsk

My cousin saw us taking photos and brought out these party hats from under the Christmas tree! Totally forgot about them the whole day! Usually I will wear the reindeer antlers hairband the whole day cos it's simply too adorable. And obviously I can't wear them on any other day but today.

Love this shot! Everyone looks so cute hahaha. My cousin helped us take this. He was like "西瓜甜不甜 ?" and he made us say "" so we were all laughing cos paiseh shyshy hehe.

Rachel brought her polaroid camera along! I wished I had one but... should save that money on camera equipment. We took 5 shots so that everyone could keep one for themselves.

At the end of the day, we will cut the log cake to share. Christmas isn't christmas without log cake either. To those ignorant people out there who thinks log cake isn't worth the money because it's supposedly just swiss roll, it so IS NOT. IT TASTES SO FREAKING GOOD DON'T UNDERMINE IT PLEASE. yes, I really really like log cake. 

That concludes my christmas day! Hope that Christmas has been great for everyone out there! 


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