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The moment I reached Singapore, I was sucked back into reality.  Looking at all the nonsense "non-existent" (or so I thought) homework, I finally realised what shit I had gotten myself into. So I tried to study and start on my homework. Yeah, I guess you would say I started but I haven't gotten far from the starting line. For now, I'm only done with 1.5 compre. That's all. Study dates are part catching up (haven't seen my friends in weeks!) part studying so yeah. I better start studying intensively!

On the very first day I studied with Zhaoying and we went to the Starbucks@ Bukit Panjang Plaza. It's so ulu I love it and there were so many empty seats the staff didn't even chase us away during peak hours. Plus the barista got our order wrong so we got a drink on the house! Woah, it's as though we struck lottery haha.

Being X'mas season, I had to try the christmas beverages! The choices were cranberry white chocolate mocha,  toffee nut latte and peppermint mocha. We got the peppermint and the toffee nut. Peppermint was okay but a tad weird? And I love love the toffee nut!

Mandatory starbucks shot

The next day, I went to the new starbucks @ Westgate. It's the new mall beside Jem. Being auntie-ish, I went cos there was 1-for-1 christmas drinks! Obviously the queue was long so it took a while to get our drinks. They didn't put the toppings for the cranberry drink but I figured the staff was so busy with all the other customers, we will just make do with this.

Minnee and me
 I look so cui so don't judge. We didn't study much but kept talking which I originally thought we would do anyway haha. Told her about the Shanghai trip and other girlstuff. After which we went to walk around since it was a new mall. There was a typo there as well, quite big! Finally, I found a pair of sandals which I bought, much to the dismay of my mother.

Minnee went to do a manicure cos she had to attend a wedding during the weekend. I tagged along to see what it was like.

Being vain, I had to get one too. There were so many options, I couldn't decide on one had to get minnee's help to choose. Indecisiveness sucks. 

Here's how the pedicure area looks like. I realised I didn't take the manicure area oops.

Unfortunately, they don't have a student discount so we opted for the cheapest option which was the express mani for $12. Apparently, we got scammed because I found out yesterday that Far East Plaza does express mani for $4-$5! Suburban malls like Lot One do for $6 only. The more I think about it, the more pissed I get. Really really hate being cheated of my money. Considering that I got scammed in Shanghai too (more on this in another post), this pisses me off even more. But we already paid the money so, there's nothing to be done about it.

There was this drying machine to dry our nails. First time seeing it, so sua-ku.

I won't deny, getting pampered with a manicure felt pretty damn good, even if I was paying it lol. I'm the real clumsy sort so I can never do my nails by myself or for anybody else. Hmmm, since there are $4 manicures out there, I would get those during the school holidays probably.

Here's a shot of us. Didn't take an ootd shot because she had to rush off for dance classes. I'm wearing my new kicks! Got a pair of vans after soooo long.

I'm so short compared to the towering Minnee :( oh well, not like I can do anything about it now.

Since I got a manicure I had to snap a nice shot of it right. I experimented with a few "props" and well, it looks best with flowers, that's for sure. I'm so lame for doing all these but whatever.

1. With the laptop which is so -_-

 2. Matcha mousse pocky from Shanghai which tastes meh, so disappointed.

I didn't realise it when I looked at the photos from the LCD screen but the table reflects the ceiling lights. damn.

3. Flowers I "stole" from the malay wedding the day before. (best prop ever)

So many things to do, so little time.


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