Wedding bells

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Haiyo haven't made much progress with the filtering/editing of the Shanghai photos... I need motivation haha. And my homework progress is like non-existent. Total procrastinator gosh. There's something new to do every other day. But I guess next week I won't be able to have as much time with my friends due to family commitments. Hopefully, I can get to do more of my school work? Looking at the thick revision packages that I have to finish (not attempt), I can just bang my head on the wall. Holidays also stressed. What's this man. On top of that, there's CCA stuff to settle, piano to practise, and my mum keeps nagging at me to get tuition, especially for Chem because I need it desperately. Life's being such a bitch right now.

I touched down at 9.50pm on 30 Nov, and just the following day I had to go attend a wedding with my family. It was my mum's colleague/(our)neighbour's daughter's wedding. What's special was that it was a Malay wedding! Awwww I love it when they have all these gorgeous decorations with the flowers and all. I'm such a sucker for flowers haha. Daisies are my love.

 They had a photobooth which I wanted to take at, but it closed before I could because we went there kind of late.

A book for well-wishes for the newly-weds.

There was so much food everywhere, and I ate so much that I didn't eat for dinner that night. Can't blame me, I haven't had malay food in a while. Or even anything local, for 2 freaking weeks.

We waited for the bride and groom to arrive to take a shot together. Technically, my bro and I was using our phones while my mother was busy chatting with her colleagues.

Flower power, kaboomz.

Wah my hair here is really like some lion's mane. To think that I actually asked my bro is my hair was okay, and he said yeah. Liiiieeeessssss

mum, me, dad, bro, auntie jamillah (my mum's colleague and our neighbour), and her husband

The flowers were so pretty I brought home some with me LOL. It wasn't considered stealing because they would probably throw them away anyway. They are real flowers ah, not artificial! Aunties were dabao-ing food, I don't take food, so I took flowers. Well, there were some stares but who cares, it's not like I know anyone there haha.

After which, my dad wanted me to pose with the wedding car. It dawned onto me that my outfit that day looked kind of bridal-ish, I could have posed as a brides-maid or something.

The flowers were so pretty I couldn't let it go to waste! Anyway, it's 1.26 am now and I've had a long, tiring but fun day so all photos are not edited at all.
Dress (some blogshop), Necklace (diva), hairband (don't know lol)

Now, I found the go-to dress for weddings. That sweet pink thing. Yup, that's this dress.
My eyelids are heavier and heavier. With all my heart, I will chiong out the Shanghai photos tomorrow.
ooh ooh almost forgot, covering prom tomorrow (today technically)! So excited to see the seniors all dressed-up! Gonna take lots and lots and lots of shots. Shoots, that means I will have to be editing the prom shots also. Time, why you no stop for me?! :(

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