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Just a few weeks back, we (exco) organised a cca 2-day camp during the November Holidays. Though we were given a very short period of time to prepare due to school commitments (pw, what else), we gave it our all. The first day comprised of GAMES and games only. Though I didn't get to play any at all, it was satisfying to see that everyone had fun and enjoyed the day's activities. My job that day was to make sure everything goes as planned and to do saikang like setting up all the games etc. Guess what. The most ironic thing was that we didn't take any photos. Photog club camp, no photos? HAHAHA ironic much.

Proceeding on to the next day... which was training. There was a trainer that afternoon who talked about photography through mobile photography. He's Alex Ortega (facebook) and you can find him and check out his photos at the link on facebook. To start off the training, he shared with us some of his photos taken using his phone which was stunning and of high quality. There was a lot of talk on exploring different perspectives and angles, thinking and going out of the box etc. Basically to help us take better photos hopefully.

We headed off to Hort park where the task was to get 3 shots using our phone. Here are my 3 shots 

Motion (taken in school)
The last shot looks really noisy and grainy here not sure why, maybe it's just blogger because it looks fine on my computer. Trust me, it looks way better than it does over here. Feel free to comment on any of my shots!
I tried to take a panorama but it was hard with all the people walking around and the different lighting here and there. This was the best shot lol.

It looks horrible I know... haiiii

Took some shots with the rest who stayed back to catch the sunset. Always so grateful for this bunch for making cca so great every time.We walked forever and ever till the cows came home, to finally reach the top. Worth it all the way.

With Eelynn (my VP: don't know what I would do without her)

me, soekhui, kaiyun, nicole

More mobile shots taken for fun. Look at the yoga master 

I cheated a little and took some shots with my camera ooppssssss ><

woah woah woah flexible woah

Spread your wings and soar

shame to all the young kids slacking at their computers
whatcha staring at

That sums up the day! hope that you've enjoyed my photos that were taken with whatever measly skills I have. Do drop me a comment or anything if you wish to comment/advise on my photos. Or if there are places in Singapore that is worth shooting, do let me know as well!


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