It's 2013 no more

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Others have been penning down thoughts to summarise their 2013 and making resolutions for 2014. For me, well, I've been too lazy to think much about it. Too caught up with 2013 I suppose, haven't even blogged about all the stuff I did during the holidays, I'm such a procrastinator.

2013 has been one fast-paced year. Despite time passing by so fast, many many many things happened in this year. Many firsts, many new experiences, many goods, many bads. This year was the year that I was hurt the most, the one I cried the most, the one I was stressed out the most, but yet at the same time, the one I laughed the most, smiled the most, felt loved the most.
I guess it's all part of growing up, and I am, unfortunately, growing up.

I have a lot more responsibilities and commitments than I did and it was tough juggling them. Looking back, honestly, I'm not sure if I would say I end 2013 with no regrets. People say we all start afresh in a new year, and I hope I will be able to let go of all the regrets, unhappiness and just move on. Everything that ever happened, truly seemed like a midsummer night's dream. 

There's a lot to be thankful for in 2013. All the new friends I've met, the friends who we still stay close together, and those you've been there for me in my ups and downs. For when I was sad and helpless, thank you for giving me love and comfort. I would probably quiver and die like a wilted flower, if it weren't for these angels. 

Being a lousy student, I absolutely dread 2014 for it marks a new academic year, the most important one in fact, because it's the year we would all have to take our As. I hope that I will be more focused than I was last year, and said I've tried my best without doubting myself. And this goes out to all my friends who will be taking the As together with me. It's our year, let's own it.

Besides academics, I wish to leave behind a legacy in my cca. Hmm maybe that's too strong a word, but I want to make a difference, make progress, make things better and hope that everyone grows together as a club. I am already excited for 2014 with all the upcoming plans and activities, which hopefully will all be approved. Nonetheless, I hope that we will all improve as a whole and grow closer together.

I definitely hope that in this new year, there will be a lot more reasons to smile and be happy for.

2013 has been one hell of a ride. And 2014, I believe, would be like no other. 


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