Inferiority complex (feat. December in random photos)

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Times likes this when I'm so swarmed with school work/tests and all, that I wonder what's my purpose in life. There are many people out there with so many talents, some can draw, some can sing, some are damn freaking smart. But me, well, I'm not exceptionally good in anything.

I'm not good in my studies, at least not science subjects.
I'm not great at my piano either.
I'm pursuing photography but I'm not fantastic at it either. 

Sometimes, I just feel so inferior to everyone around me, like I can't match up in so many ways.
I don't even have good genes to be good-looking. Haha what a joke right.

And then there are those perfect people in this world who are good in every single thing they do. Honestly, I'm envious, really. I can't help it. Human's instinct perhaps?


Inferiority complex, everyone gets that right?

What can I do? Just gotta work hard in whatever I'm doing and perhaps one day I will find my end goal and work towards it. For now, I'm drifting aimlessly. Hopefully I'll get there soon, real soon.


Here's just some random whatnots that I did during the holidays besides all the other stuff ongoing. This holiday is exceptionally short as we had PW which took up some holiday time, after which I was busy with CCA camp, then went on a trip to shanghai (which I'm not even done with part II yet ooppsss). By the time I came back, it was already December and I had a pile of work waiting for me to get started on. *poof* 2014 is here. Such is the life of a J1 student

For one, during the holidays, I went to Starbucks a whole lot to do my work. My new escape. Practically every other day that I don't have to meet up/catch up with other friends, I'll just go study with zhaoying and julia. Somehow, being in the cafe listening to the Christmas songs and seeing people come and go, actually makes me study. The reason to that no one knows, but it works. 

The thing about Starbucks is that they have so much business, you can only study at those where it's ulu and less frequented. For all those who just want to camp at Starbucks without getting chased out, you can check out: Fusionpolis@one-north 

We sat at the outdoor area which is still air-conditioned and it was freezing. Ice cold. There's rarely people sitting there because it's in the office area and everyone's in their offices duh.

Alot of cute ang-moh kids there! These QTPIES were dressed up in princesses outfits awwww. But they were too shy to take a photo

This one might be a little out of the way for many... Bukit Panjang Plaza

 Is it still a secret if everyone knows of it? I'm sure many, if not all, out there know of this "Starbucks Secret Menu" which doesn't make it so secret anymore huh? Just google it and there will be a whole list of these specially concocted drinks that are not listed in the menu. This was chocolate mint something something frappe.

I've only tried a few others, the ferrero rocher frappe was not bad, then there's the starburst thing which I've heard taste like cough syrup so don't try that unless, you love your cough meds.
Basically, you just tell the barista your order, and the list of extra ingredients they need to prepare. It's usually more expensive and it doesn't taste super good or what lol just buy for the fun of it.

These photos are horrid but whatever. Miss my thai food and my thai friends.

This is the stupidest thing evveerrr I swear on River Styx (if you read Percy Jackson you would get this, if not, too bad). Since in a million years I've been using this Starbucks tumblr and I only found out that if you use your tumblr to store your drinks instead of getting a take-away drink, they actually cut $.0.50 off your drink. Not bad right?

Green tea cream with a heart. A sign, perhaps? (this is so cool cos I've never seen it happen before HAHAHA)

ZY baked red velvet muffins and as usual we got a share of it as well! Perks of having a friend who likes baking YAY

Thanks for all the endless study session girls <3

On one of the days we went to Julia's house cos she dropped a chair on her toe!

Souvenirs from Tokyo from Eelynn! I looovveee matcha so much and so does she hehe. She's so sweet, even wrapped it up in an adorable pink hello kitty wrapping! See the black and white photo at the background? It's the only printed photo I have of her when we went around shooting during Canon Photomarathon last year. Thanks for thinking of me when you're overseas :)

Christmas cookies specially baked by Amanda! <3
So beautifully decorated and it tastes yummy too :D

ZY and Julia introduced to me this shop that sells delicious rice dumplings! It's called Rice Magician, lame name I know, but it really tastes good. These rice dumplings are shaped like those triangular-shaped japanese ones called onigiri, except that you can customise your own fillings which are more chinese-styled. The one we all ate and root for is called "Emperor Veggie" or something like that, yes they serve vegetarian pre-made ones! Major plus point! 
They don't have that many shops in the west, there's one at Jurong Point, and another at Causeway point.

Went on a mini nail spree with Vanessa and bought new nail polishes because there was a 50% sales!

Late night walks. Calms me down instantly.

Bumped out,

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