Rants, don't bother.

By 06:55

Not sure if it's only recently but I realised I'm getting more short-tempered? Either that or I've been meeting way too many idiots. 

Today I was studying in the library, specifically in the "Quiet Zone". For those who aren't aware of this, it's actually meant as a function room but on days where there are no events, there are tables and chairs placed there for people to study in. So this couple came along and they aren't even studying luh, just flirting with each other -_-  
Many who read this must be thinking, what a bitch, like that also angry, seriously. Well, I went to the library in search of some peace to do my work, and duh, it's the library so I expect that it is meant to be quiet. Guess not huh. I was so annoyed I left and even told them off before I did. All they could do was stare blankly at me. 

Yesterday was worse. I stay in cck but I went all the way to woodlands to deliver an item to a carousell user. (shameless advertising here: help me clear my wardrobe at carousell.co/graciaow - many brand new and preloved stuff!) We arranged to meet at 6pm, she was late so I asked how long she would take and she said soon. Guess what time she reached, freakingly 645pm. I waited like a dumb woodblock at the passenger service waiting for this person who totally wasted my time. On top of that, she even expected me to wait there for her when I asked to meet at starbucks instead since she was going to be late, and it's only less than 3 metres away. but no, this awesomely polite lady wanted me to wait at the passenger service. OH GOD I've never ever met someone so demanding and she's a grown-up, and a total stranger?! So demanding and so rude. 45 minutes, wow. 

You might think I'm a bitch myself for being so niao about all these. Even my mum scolds me saying there's no point getting mad over all these, it's just plain silly. Yeah, I agree. 

At least I have happy things to look forward to amidst everything. Met the AJC photog P and VP to have our 1st curating session for the joint exhibit! Hehe they are such nice and friendly people, of course not forgetting my awesome VP Eelynn who was there as well. I had such a great time looking through all the photos and dishing out comments and critique, it's as though I had 3 extra pairs of eyes looking at the world (photos). Really really really having high hopes for this exhibit, hope that everything will go smoothly as planned! 

Peace out,

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