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This week has been the worst so far, I can't believe it's still week 1 of the school term. It feels like forever and I'm so tired.

 Countless of stupid silly things/mistakes I did. Let's see how dumb it gets.
1. I ran 7 rounds when we were only supposed to run 6 because I counted wrongly. Felt so paiseh cos I was the last to finish because I ran an extra round. And I was practically dying because it's the 1st time I've ran since the holidays!!!
2. Dropped my phone in the audi and panic like mad thinking it's gone forever and hoping it would magically appear
3. Couldn't find my file (with everything inside!) when I got home. Left it in class...
4. Didn't bring foolscap which is the number 1 most important thing besides yourself
5. Wore sneakers on a PE day and I CANNOT run in sneakers. Picture my face when I heard that we were going to run 8 rounds! Nuuuuuuuu. In the end we only ran 3 which was bad enough because the sun was sweltering and I was aching all over.

... ... ...
Many many silly things I did this week, can't remember them all. I think it's because I slept so little and got really cranky and grumpy. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, EVERYDAY LOL. Guess I'll have to sleep more because I'm such an asshole when I'm in a bad mood. Time to watch less TV and less/shorter naps :(  unfortunately...

There's been so many changes in school due to a change in the management. Instead of the usual CHAMPS/assembly, we now have 2 CCE periods per week. hello, we are year 6, the graduating batch and you are going to waste our time like this?! Really pissed off over this, because I hate people wasting my time. We've only got 24 hours per day right? asdlkjasldjasknewooweinfoiwn this is so uncalled for and there was someone (you know who) was walking at the back of audi making sure we don't sleep?! Surely you can tell everything was done for the sake of doing it. It's so apparent, I have no idea why it's still there in the first place. Annoyed immensely by how ridiculous the school can be. From the way the school works we are definitely NOT a JC, but a secondary school. Disappointed at how all the improvement we've made is being crushed like this just because of a change in management.


Anyway, during the holidays I met up with the clique to catch-up although we see each other every morning in school hahaha! Everyone was so busy with their own commitments that we could only meet on NYE (new years eve)! But we didn't stay for countdown because we were all tired and had to go home lol. 

Initially, we wanted to go cafe-hopping but Julia couldn't travel too far because horror of all horrors she dropped a chair on her toe! So frightening, can't imagine the pain. We wanted to eat good food (or so we thought) so we went to Piquenique at Jcube. Haish, should have went for all the other better food at the new malls, Jem and Westgate... Such a wasted trip.

That day was uber suay. I left house in heels and they actually broke halfway while walking to the train station, ohmygod thank the heavens it didn't spoil when I was like on the train already or something. My only pair of good heels, spoilt on me. How lucky right? Ended up going home to change into sandals... shortiepants (not smartiepants hahaha)

 Breakfast set! I wanted to get this but the photo in the menu looked so pathetically small, I feel so cheated, should have gotten this! And the food is expensive almost 20 bucks per person and doesn't taste exceptional. NEVER EVER COMING BACK.

Mac and cheese which was mediocre and not worth the money AT ALL. Thinking about the money I spent makes me so pissed... Scam money. Rather go to "I Am" Cafe everyday and never ever come here again.

Can't be bothered to talk about all the food because they are all not worth the money we paid. Disappointed as hell.

Thank God the company made up for it :)

Amanda, Kailin, Julia, Soekhui

Aline, Yuting, Jingting, me

Group shot! All 8 of us! Year 6 already and everyone has blossomed into young pretty ladies hehehe. Luckily the seats could accommodate all of us lol.


I don't know if you would consider this luck or what, but they forgot to bill my order together with the rest so supposedly I didn't have to pay for my share. But, being the honest goody-two shoes kids we are, we actually told the staff. HAHAHA others would call us/me dumb but I didn't want to "owe" anybody money over the new year. So I can go to bed at peace every night LOL. No la, not so exaggerated.

We went to Macs for ice cream yay because the one at Jem had 2 stories and was big! Sat there for quite a while talking crap gossiping and just having fun together :D aww really miss them during the hols. Even on school days, we would all usually be either sleeping or chionging homework in the morning, at least for me.


Julia was the fashionista that day wearing a blazer and looking stylish hahaha



Aline, Yuting, me

See the distinct height difference?! :((((  And these girls were wearing heels and I was wearing what, sandals. Me Shooo shoorrttt. used to it luh lol, not like I can help it. 

This photo is hilarious! Look at those strangers staring at us! Like as if never see people take photo before huh LOLOL. Maybe they were staring because I was surrounded by all them pretty ladies hehe

All of us left unwillingly because we just want to slack and hang out and talk etc etc.
Plus going home meant going back to doing homework on NYE! Heartless teachers :(
But afterall, it's for our own good, last year already.

Did my face grow fatter over the holidays? My cheeks seem more meaty. From unpinchable to pinchable (if it ever was a word)

Cues weird unglam poses that deserves to be judged, and only done in the comfort of my bedroom

I have no idea what I'm doing, seriously. 

This here is the "I just got out of bed but I'm werking it" look LOL

Bought this cute strawberry top from a flea for only 3 bucks! It's so adorable I want to eat it up. Gosh, so my style.


My current obsession is Singapore's local singer-songwriter Joel Tan who goes by the stage name Gentle Bones. He recently released an EP titled "Until We Die".

This guy right here (I talk as if he's my friend LOL) is really talented and his vocals are amazing. Heard this song a million times and I'm still not sick of it. There are a few other originals and many covers in his youtube channel. Support local talent! go go go

stay alive,

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