Good old times

By 06:16

My friends were all gushing about how good Frozen was and so I went to catch it with Vanessa! Shall not talk about the movie except that it is really good, and unlike the usual princess fall in love with prince charming cliche storyline. Thumbsup, Disney!

She just came back from a school trip a few days ago and was flying off on another trip that night! Thankful that she could make time to hang out and catch up despite it being so rushed for her. 

For those you have no idea what on earth an LRT is, it's just like the MRT except that it is way smaller and is machine operated. Since she was spending christmas overseas, Vanessa wanted to get those reindeer head bands to bring there hahaha so we went to bpp's daiso to get some. Via the lrt of course.

We've known each other probably even before we were born! Just like how our mothers have stayed in touch with each other the rest of their lives, I hope that we can too :)
Although we hardly ever talk or spend a lot of time together, when we get together, I feel like I'm in primary school again and we're the same young kids laughing our asses off in chinese tuition. I remember all of these memories, and I forever will.
This smart girl here is going to do big things in the future, in the meantime, all the best and good luck for your As, which I'm sure you will score all As!


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