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After spending so much TIME and EFFORT and MONEY $$$, River Valley Photography Club (together with Anderson Junior College Photographic Society) presents to you our inaugural public photo exhibition collaboration: "Facets of Life"!

This photo exhibit will last for 2 weeks. 1st at Jurong East Regional Library Lvl 1 from NOW till 23 March (whole week of March Holidays) and the 2nd week at Ang Mo Kio Library until 29 March! So if you've missed us for the 1st week, you can still catch the exhibit the following week!

Here's the panorama shot of our exhibit all set up at JE! 

And now... the behind the scenes stories, the happy, excited and of course, the sad, frustrated times...

For those who wondered why we worked with AJC who is at the other end of our world (in the East), it's because we had an exchange last year during the June Holidays and wanted to continue and work on an exhibit together! This exhibit committee consisted of the 2 Presidents and Vice-presidents from both schools, of course not forgetting the guidance and help from our teachers-in-charge as well as from our exco during the final selection process. Really got to thank Eelynn (our VP), and Jun Yuan and Jazrine from AJC and Eelynn (our VP) because without everyone's efforts, this wouldn't have been possible! All these months of hard work, and all the time we spent, we've done it! YAY!

Photo selection + Exhibit arrangement process + Synopsis + etc + etc 
We met up for the very first time during the holidays and came up with the theme and sub-themes and settled some admin stuff, like the venue and all. The 1st meeting was quite productive I would say since there wasn't much to do YET, before the photos came in.

1st round of photos came in: To be honest, I was extremely disappointed with the quality and standard from our side because I expected more from everyone. Fortunately, there were some that were outstanding. After close inspection, some photos were actually good, and after some editing, they became better! 

We had to meet so many times and it's no easy feat considering that we live so far away from each other! Once, we met at orchard, and then jurong east, cck (lucky for me haha), and all the way at Nanyang poly. We've been all over Singapore just to meet up and each meeting can take up to half a day as there is a lot to settle at one go! There were even times when we met really early, and till really late, like 10 plus PM at Ang mo kio area and I have to travel home to the west.... Truth be told, it's tiring, especially when we still have all our other commitments to cope with, studies and all. And the ajc side had their cca trials for their new J1s, at a period of time, and were busy with all of those work too! 

There were many rounds of submissions of photos because we wanted everyone to have a photo in the exhibit. Although we tried our best, some photos were just either not up to standard, or unfortunately didn't fit in with the entire exhibit. Obviously, we wouldn't force a photo into the exhibit just because we want everyone to participate in it. 

Look at all these photos! We had to look through them all and consider all the factors, is it good enough, how can we edit it to improve on it, does it fit into the exhibit, does it flow with the other photos, does this person already have a lot of photos in the exhibit. There were many countless considerations when we had to select the photos and the arrangement of them. 

And don't forget the synopsis and the introduction you read at the exhibit, and the captions you see with every photo that we have to proof-read and collate. Whether or not to have captions, whether or not to have descriptions etc etc, all these decisions were made after we had intense discussions because every single addition and change we make to the exhibit is going to affect the entire "feel" of it.

Everything that you see, there are reasons behind them all, and a zillion thoughts went into all that you see on the boards at the exhibit. 

Printing process
Wah this part is the roller-coaster emotions part. Maybe it's me, I brought all the bad luck... The day we went to print (on e-learning day, after we chiong finish our work), we spent the entire day there. From 2pm-7pm, can you believe, because I can't either. And that is only to send for printing, we had to go ANOTHER day to collect it.

The reason why it took so long was because there was a new employee that day and she was slooowww untilllllll waahhhhhhhh when I think of it I'm at the verge of puking blood. She couldn't understand what we wanted and had to go through so many trials and errors just to get it Thank god the boss was there and helped a little, if not I think it would be even worse! 

The only good thing out of this all is that the boss gave us a darn good deal with significant discounts! So thankful, at least we managed to save on some money so that we can have more for our other exhibits! Just for those who aren't aware, all the photos that we have are printed on Kaperline board, thus it is quite pricey, the total price was approximately a whopping 300+ bucks, and that's the price after discount!

The day we collected the prints was probably one of the happiest days of my 2014 (3 months have passed only I know lol) because the sense of accomplishment when you see your plans become real, it's indescribable. 

I was jumping up and down cos I was so excited to see all the prints! Here's us with the prints in front of the store haha. 

There are also flyers printed and here's a sneak peek for those you haven't yet visited our exhibit!

Setting-up day
Got to thank all those who helped us out with the preparing of the boards by sticking velcro on, and for being there on the setting-up day itself to set up the boards and the prints! It might look easy, but none of it was. The blue boards you see there are portable boards which we had to transport by ourselves to the library from school, and we had to screw them together on-by-one. 

The team who helped out with the setting-up, with the OSO Mr Jamil at the far right, who came down on a Saturday morning to help us!

YAYYYYYY all done! Missing Jun Yuan in this photo to complete the exhibit comm! It suddenly occurred to me that we haven't taken a full photo of everyone in the exhibit comm together, meaning eelynn and I together with Jazrine and Junyuan! Haiyo, hopefully we will be able to take some photos the next time we all meet, if we do.

and well, there was a huge drama because we were actually short of 1 photo and 1 caption. It couldn't have gone missing because we counted them all, and it was an exact number. Later on we found out that we didn't even print it and had to chiong all the way to BRAS BASAH to print that 1 photo and 1 caption -_-  Blame us for being careless.... I was so super freaked out because I was so sure I saw that photo when we were counting them at the printing store. I thought it went missing like the MH370, okay bad joke but you get it, we thought it was gone just like that.

So.... we spent another afternoon there at the store and well, unlucky for us the boss wasn't around and there were the slow employees who once again, didn't make sense of what we were trying to say... so it took a while and wasted the time we were supposed to be spent at the NUS open house. Oh well, as Mr Wong says, shit happens LOL. Indeed, it does.

There was supposed to be an opening ceremony on monday to introduce the principals and vice-principals to our exhibit but they were too busy to come... kind of upset over this. But whatever, as long as others appreciate our exhibit.

Boy oh boy was I wrong when I thought we were done with the exhibit and everything was going to be great from now on. Because the photos fell off the boards whhuuut like how can it even. Went down to je lib to settle it today, praying hard that the other photos won't fall off! Haiiii if only the school allowed us to print the better quality, nicer looking boards. The weird logic behind that is because the better boards are of better quality, we can't move it around because they are scared it would be spoilt, so it's only meant for in-school purpose. Doesn't make sense right?! Better quality=keep in school -__- stupid inflexible illogical nonsense.

That's it to the exhibit part! Pls go down to view the exhibit and support us during the entire March Holidays! There won't be anyone stationed there but we can feel your presence hahaha. It really means a lot to me that I see the public viewing the exhibit because I know that all our efforts didn't go to waste!


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  1. So awesome! How I wish I've could have been participating in one way or another in this photography event!(:

    1. Yeah it's awesome so grateful that the school provided us with the funds! Too bad that exhibit is so far away from where you stay :(