Thai Gold Food + NUS open house

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As mentioned above, we had to travel to Bras Basah for the 3rd time (don't blame me for being whiny because it's so freaking far!) so we might as well snap some shots there right? Didn't bring along my camera, so the phone cam will have to do.

While waiting for our prints to be done, we ate at this Authentic Thai place just a few shops away from the printing store. It's truly authentic because the shop is owned by Thais!

GOLD FOOD LEH sounds appetising already lol

The place was crowded despite it being in such an ulu location. Sunshine Plaza btw, at bras basah/bugis if anyone's looking for good thai food.

 Eelynn had Olive Rice($5) while I tried one of their popular dishes, Tom Yum Fried Rice ($6).
 It doesn't look like much but trust me when I say it's good. To me, tom yum should be a good mix of sourness and spiciness and this dish got all of these right! ahhh craving for it now! It's all I ever want in a thai dish <3 I might just go another day. And everything that other people ordered, smelt really yummy too. Eelynn says not to try their lime drink though, not worth the money. 

There are also many favourites such as papaya salad, tom yum soup, pad thai etc. I got to try the Mango Sticky Rice ($5) too and it's not bad, the mango was fresh but the rice was a tad hard for my liking.

Truly authentic, I mean check out their receipt. Hand-written in thai! Cool, or cool?

So if you're looking for good thai food: 

Thai Gold Food
91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza Singapore
Tel: +65 9014 3218

Operating hours:
daily: 12 nn-1am

Fri-sat: 12nn-3pm

Sunglasses (bugis), Blue tribal print dress (bro bought from HK!), White bag (H&M), Bracelet (MIYOC), White criss-cross sandals (online)

My bro bought me this blue dress from Hong Kong from his recent grad trip with his poly mates! It's the single only thing he bought for me, but I guess, better than nothing right? And I can't deny, I love it! It's so comfy and swirly and fits just right! Thanks kor :)

This is me being stupid. I know my facial expression is ridiculous and my hand is awkward as hell but ignore all of that and my hair looks fabulous! Here's what you do when you don't have any hair dryers/fans like they do in commercials HAHA

Headed to NUS open house after that with Jenny Siewyeng and Mag and Prisca(who we met over there). The entire place was crowded and packed with so many good-looking and smart people! I was so intimidated and feeling quite out-of-place, considering that I look so childish given my petite frame and there were guys there who were so tall, they were towering. Felt even worse and more self-conscious than ever looking at all the pretty girls and cute guys around me!!! 

So funny that right when we stepped in there were some guys from Raffles Hall giving out FREE ICE CREAM, provided that we take their flyers hahaha. Of course I would take it, I want your free ice cream. Auntie lvl max I know, but look at that sweltering heat, you would do the same.

Besides that, I went to take a look at the courses available at NUS (duh). Checked out the Business and Arts & Social Sciences faculties, and I was afraid for myself because it's real competitive and my grades are total bullshit. Guess this is a wake-up call and some motivation for me to work way way harder right? Time to pull up my socks that always go missing LOL. Have to work hard and study smart towards my goal, which I'm pretty much sure of, at this point of time. 

Didn't take any photos there because it was so crowded and we were in such a rush for time as we went there quite late! 

They were giving out helium balloons and I have to try the helium-high-pitched-voice thing! And I did! For the first time! I was awkward because mag was video-ing it haha.

That's all for now, time to catch up on more posts during the March Holidays! If I even have the time, because I reckon the teachers think we are all geniuses with 48 hours a day *looks at homework and revision and cries a river*


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