Do what you love, love what you do.

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I just finished watching the finale for "Masterchef Junior (America)" and I'm filled with a ton of mixed emotions. For those who aren't aware, this is the "Junior" version of the Masterchef series where kids, ranging from age 8-13 participate on a culinary show.

(You can find the videos online or catch in on Starworld channel 501)

Boy, am I inspired. Yes, the 12 year old Alexander is an inspiration to me. That young boy (not man yet la haha) has such exceptional talent, the technicalities that goes into the dish that you see, the presentation, the thought that goes into it, everything. I guess you won't ever understand until you watch the show and see how these young chefs cook. The standards of a 20-odd adult is seen in a 12 year old. Imagine that. 

To me, what's more amazing is the passion and drive that is evident in every single one of those adorable kids. The passion and drive to pursue what they truly love, without fear, without hesitation. The passion and drive I hardly ever see nowadays. The passion and drive I don't see in myself anymore.

I think about all that I have done in my life, what I'm doing now, feeling so lost and without direction. I almost feel embarrassed. Compared to those young kids, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Academics is certainly not my forte and merely a way to get into my dream course and possibly end up with a job that I like. In the meantime, before I get there, I guess I would just have to make do and work hard with whatever I have now, hopefully giving me the golden ticket to what I want.

Thinking back on the many hobbies I've had over the years,  I've dabbled in many activities not related to academics. Thanks to my parents who made me do sports and music, I had a lot of fun when I was younger.

I started taking piano lessons at age 4. Music is of terrific joy to me but as the years pass, as it got harder and harder, I could feel myself slipping away. Especially when I have so many commitments and school work to juggle with. Sometimes, it became a chore. (I absolutely hate scales ohgosh). I could still remember when I was in primary school when I truly loved it. Having all the time in the world, I would practice and practice the same songs over and over just because it was so much fun. While I enjoy music, I can say for sure that I'm not talented in it hahaha.

Ever since primary school, I was enrolled for swimming lessons, which was on every Sunday morning. As a young kid, I had to have the discipline to wake up really early on a sunday. Haha can't imagine me doing that now.Somehow or rather, being in the water makes me feel so at ease. I loved swimming and went on to participate in competitive swimming, going for training a few times a week after school. Training was tough because I was definitely not one of the better ones.... Always having to do extra exercises because I lost in the mini-competitions during training. One thing I would never forget is the adrenaline rush from the swim-meets. Going to a place where like-minded people get together and cheered for each other, it was a good feeling. (not sure if it's a big deal but I swam at the indoor pool at the Singapore Sports School once!)  So, I won a few medals from swim-meets, but I never quite excelled at it either. It was merely a good-to-have skill and experience that I cherish to this day. I mean, practically speaking, swimming is a survival skill we should all have!

After primary school, I quit swimming and decided to venture into a new sport-golf. I really poured my heart and soul, or rather tears/sweat/blood into it, going almost every other night to the driving range just so I could catch up to my peers who had way more years of experience. Even during school holidays, I would lug my heavy heavy golfbag to the driving range to practise a little in the day. For those who think golf is lame, let me tell you that you can never perfect it with sheer muscle strength and "buff-ness" because it's all about the skills! Not as easy as you think. I had a lot of fun learning because at the start I was really really terrible at it, I almost hit a man HAHAHA! Imo, I caught up quite fast and soon could hit quite well (given what little experience I had). Not forgetting the wonderful coaches I had who would give me tips and advice even when I wasn't at the driving range for lessons haha.
My dad had been very supportive of me learning this new sport, always saying how we could go play together when I learn to play better and buying me new gloves/shoes/clubs to improve my playing. Sadly, school and commitments got the better of me, and once again, I had no time or the effort to practise as hard anymore. Also, having to give it up made me feel guilty towards my dad who was excited with sharing the same hobby. Hopefully after As I would have the time to pick it up again! Nonetheless, I made some awesome friends through golf. Though we don't keep in contact anymore, I still see updates on my fb newsfeed haha. Hmmm maybe after As...

All my life (still short at barely 18 years), my dad, being a photography enthusiast, has always been teaching me how to use the camera, camera techniques etc. I still remember carrying the huge canon (canon fan woop) digital camera for my learning journeys in primary school. Even then, I was the cameraman HAHA. Though I was interested in photography all this while, it wasn't until in JC when I joined the school's photog club that I really treated it as my passion. Constantly trying to improve, learning new techniques and tricks, exploring different genres. I really have to thank the seniors who gave me the opportunity to learn so much, and my friends/teachers/trainers who taught me so much and inspired me with their passion. While I'm unable to take photography seriously now because of school, it has really opened up a whole new spectrum of opportunities and ideas I would not have known otherwise. Perhaps, in the future, I would even do something related to photography. Although I'm not the best, I know that it is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

So, back to passion and drive. I guess we all have to find the things we truly love for us to feel our purpose in living. It doesn't have to be big, you don't have to want to be the President of the United States to give you purpose in life. It can be anything from being a good sister to your brother, to hitting your falsettos in the bathroom. All I'm saying is, do what you love, and love what you do.

In the meantime, got to get back to the books, so that I will evvveenntuaalllyyy do what I love hahahaha


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