3 Musketeers @ FUNtasia + Daruma Ramen

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Something that's long overdued also hahaha. Recently, I've been hanging out alot with meowcalm and mun. Meowcalm my running buddy, no matter how late also free to run! Now we just need to get you your silver yeah? HAHA. And mun for always acceeding to my spontaneous and impromptu crazy nonsense. seriously the most "on" person I know so far.

so here's one of our "adventures"of the 3 Musketeers? Then I'll have to change my name to "Mracia" LOLOL geddit geddit.

That day was such a long day gosh waking up so super early to have a surprise bday celebration, econs talk and then going off to njc to support mun for her school's funfair.

Her class did a walk on water thingy using starch. Pretty damn cool but the clean-up was horrible.

It was packed full of noisy young people. Me being me, I couldn't stand wasting my $$ on silly games so we spent the money on food instead HAHA. Actually there was an "escape room" scenario game which looked fun but we didn't have enough plus the queue was long.

Sorry luh, blur photo -_-     But still, here's the concord peeps. Primary school seems rly rly long ago.

Guess who was the tallest years ago. Me lor, shortie me. Thank god I'm a girl. 

Haven't met Jolene in AGES, haha was quite excited to see her again cos didn't think we would meet her. 

"I'll see you in your bed tonight...hheeheeeheee"   

Since when haunted house creatures so chio??? LOL

"SO WOW" because W.O.W = Walk On Water   (my kind of humour)

We walked around the place so many times trying to find things to do and meowcalm like some popz luh so many friends. I was just being awkward there, small social circle lol. Oooh but I made new friends!

Introducing my sexy-free-single-and-ready-to-mingle friends. Anybody wanna go out with these pretty ppl pls contact me thanks I'll be a willing matchmaker 

 Behind-the-scenes clean up work after the fun

 Look at that gooey sticky thing ewwwww

 I'm a witch

 People take broom she take photo HAHAHA 

  So kelian scraping the floor of the gross shit

So awkward I was just standing there watching them clean up so I just shot some random shots haha. The FT was standing there surpervising and asked me what school I was from lol so awksssss. But he was nice to buy them all ice cream and even offered me but ofc too paiseh to eat luh. Hello not even from this school LOL

Mun and I went to orchard to kill time before we were hungry enough for dinner 

 "wah this woman so tall and pretty, I cannot HAHAHA"

 "Please don't judge me my friend made me do it"

HAHA there were all these nicely-dressed mannequins with nice deco and all, cannot waste right?

 Metal art structures seen at the top of Orchard Central. Btw, there's a rooftop garden there and an amazing view to catch sunsets <3

Met up again with Meow and his mum for dinner at Daruma! Oh, Ramen, my love <3 <3 <3

We all tried the Japanese Braised Pork Belly in Tonkotsu broth which was their signature dish and it was to die for! 

The thick layered broth with the tender cha-shu that melts in your mouth. Bonus point: the broth contains collagen which can help combat ageing! Not to mention that it is also voted one of the TOP 5 ramen in HK! The dish alone costs $13.90 which I feel is quite affordable for quality ramenDefinitely worth a visit!

#02-15 Tripleone Somerset
111 Somerset Road
Tel: +65 6235 6079
Daily: 12pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Somerset

Time to head off to bed. Have to go for my bro's army orientation something something, early in the morning. 


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