Art Science Museum + Ah-loy Thai

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Amidst all the mugging and stressing out, finally a day to chillax and enjoy some time at the museum! Did I mention that I love museums? Serene, calming and full of inspiration :)

We went down to the Art Science Museum on an early friday morning to visit the Annie Leibovitz Exhibit! In case you don't know, she's a famous portrait photographer. You might have seen some of her works before, like say, the nude photo of a pregnant Demi Moore, or the b&w of Leonardo Di Caprio with a swan around his neck. 


and here

Yup those are just 2 of her famous works and she has countless more!
The exhibit is really worth the time and money so do take a look! However, for those who are interested in the technicalities, unfortunately this exhibit doesn't provide that. Instead, Annie Leibovitz chose to present her photos as an artist. You'll not only know more about her personal life and her career as well. Do go visit when you're free!

Lucky us the school will sponsor our tix cos it was a club visit hehe

So egggcitteedd to check out the exhibit! Plus we had a guided tour and got to learn so much more!

Photography is not allowed in that exhibit which explains the lack of photos.
Our ticket allowed us to visit the dino exhibit also so we just went for fun

Credits to weihan for the awesome selfies hahaha

#flashback friday

We recreated my winning shot at canon photomarathon 2012 hahaha got judged and stared at but who cares. Thanks weihan for this shot! It looks even better in fish eye! If only I have such equipment...

Throwback to CPM 2012 here is moi with my winning shot lol

Since we were in town and didn't know what to eat for lunch, I suggested going for Ah-loy thai for affordable thai food which I have been craving for since 5eva. This restaurant is the one that went on tv and is named "Best Thai Restaurant" by lady iron chef!

The interior is plain and simple. Good for us that it wasn't crowded at all so we stayed for quite a while.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup $7.90

It's a really big pot of soup so you might wanna consider sharing. Nobody wanted to share, so I had to finish it on my own :O  I know I know, growing fatter right. I was so full I couldn't possibly eat dinner lol. It isn't too spicy so not to worry about that. In fact, I think it's at just the right level. And boy, were the prawns fresh yuummmss

Pineapple fried rice $7.50

It doesn't look super appetising but it sure packs a punch! Savoury and fragrant, it's all I could ever ask for in pineapple fried rice... mmm craving for it now. You won't go wrong with pineapple fried rice, that's for sure.

Yes, I finished the 2 dished by myself, very very very slowly of course. Glutton HAHA won't deny it. I was super indecisive because I knew I wanted to try these 2 yet I was sure I couldn't finish and nobody wanted to share... so I took a while to decide and finally I just went ahead to get both since I was already there.

Ah Loy Thai Restaurant
100 Beach Road
#01-39/40 Shaw Tower Singapore
Tel: +65 9165 1543 

Take Exit D from Bugis and it's just a short walk from there


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