After-school PARTAEE

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*throws confetti* Congrats to us all for going through with PW! Hell is over and done with. For now haha.

First-up, definitely got to thank this bunch of crazies for all the memories. We've gone through thick and thin to have come this far! At the start, it was more of individual work but WR is really the part where we saw each other practically everyday. Sick of each others' faces liao luh haha kidding kidding. But really, every waking minute and second was spent on the report, every time we could meet we would. Weekends were burnt, had to sacrifice on loads of other things just so we could do well since it's after all an A lvl subject. I even missed a flea and after that saw people posting on insta and stuff about how cheap things were, haiii, still hung up over it. (sorry being auntie here)

I would say our group dynamics was great. Jeremy was the techgeek all our sketch-up 3D models were done by him, and he was DOUBLE UP as manpower (HAHAHA inside joke oops) cos he could sing and he's our vocalist for the song we recorded. Junhan, the next award-winning songwriter, wrote our song. Minnee was the one who dealt with photoshop stuff and powerpoint. Jian did the designs, coverpage and whatnot. Yay lucky to have them. I would say we did well, but I don't wanna jinx anything so I'm not going farther than that.

OP was good, thank god everyone didn't have any problem with presenting! Btw, our project title was called Crusade:S.A.F.E. cool right? We had to take the mandatory "we're done with OP" shot haha. I look damn cui pls ignore.

Crusade: S.A.F.E.
Jianhao, Junhan, Jeremy, Me, Minnee
The following day we had to hand up our I & R (Insights and Reflections) and settle the Group Project File (which contains all our documents). The sense of achievement when I stuck the sticker on the file. No words can express how I felt. Just immense satisfaction and FREEDOM.

Finally done!

Everyone was laughing cos Jian taking a selfie HAHA
Yay us!
I was made to stand in the middle cos I was the group leader, not because I'm the shortest okay. Thanks guys for always making our meet-ups fun and entertaining, although always go off-topic HAHA. There's so many things I'll miss about each and everyone of you. I hate to say this but I will miss all the singing of our song and the "每一分, 每一秒" song which till now I have on idea what the title is. All the singing, all the nonsense haha. Thanks for the memories~

Brought my Canon G1X that day so proceeded to take photos for the class
First speakers (sammy, me, kaiyun, terence, chongyuan)
Second speakers (excluding minnee at the left side: kianzhong,haoyi, jenny, jianhao, ziwei)
Third speakers (tianhao, junhan, dilys, siewyeng, rachel)
Fourth speakers (liyin, jem being stupid, hongyu, magdalene, manchun)
Last speakers (joey, minnee, yihua, xuesi)
dilys, magdalene, jenny
these 2
with Sammy my co-chair 
We went to Carls Junior for class lunch after the "phototaking session". First successful class lunch ever with high attendance! Happygirl96 is me. Sat there for quite a while and took up such a large space! Throughout it I kept wondering if the staff would chase us away because we were also pretty noisy- playing charades haha.

Look at all the hands
Thanks for laughing at me LOL
Don't know what Rach is doing (minnee, rachel)

Yay class photo!
We were having so much fun we didn't want the fun to stop there so we brought the party to Sammy's house! His house is so serene and cosy. Love the greenery and ulu-ness of it all haha. Okay next goal when I grow up: earn enough money for a nice place.
Some of the guys went to terence's place to washup and download some movies-which took forever and ever. And we waited and waited at Sammy's place, till people ended up sleeping lol. Ended up playing mah-jong but that's only 4 people.

tianhao, haoyi, me
Haoyi (my good friend who supports all my lame jokes haha)
me, kaiyun, yihua, siewyeng, magdalene, joey, rachel, jenny
Siewyeng (Jem at the back photobombing), me, magdalene
at the mah jong table 
The other guys finally arrived and they started watching some horror flick. I tried my best to watch, behind the protection of my cushion. But aiya, too gross le, I cannot stand it so went out to the poolside with Mag. Need to thank her for accompanying me if not I'll be all alone and freaking out at the pool.
my view
With mag
The beauty of it all

deep thoughts

5J <3 (credits to mag)

Love ya!
what's so stinky ew.
That's me. awkward me.
bringing out the dancer in her

 Got to thank Mag for posing for me hahaha hope you like the photos! Hehe thanks for being silly with me


That was the most fun I had in weeks! Many left early, and the rest of us who stayed watched another show. Awesome part was that sammy's dad treated us to pizzas yippee, love pizzas. Thank you for the hospitality Sammy!

Anway didn't head out today to haji lane with Minnee as planned, cos realised I had quite a number of stuff to settle...hai. Heading over to class chalet in the afternoon later! Can't wait!


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