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Was sorting out my stuff and I found the most recent school magazine. The best thing about being an event photographer for the school, is when the photos you take get published. Although nobody knows who's the photographer because we don't get credits and such, but there's just this sense of achievement inside.

Event coverage is hard, we're like the silent workers who try to be like a "ninja", running around, taking from different perspectives, experimenting with the light/angles, hoping to get as many good shots as possible. It's great when we are appreciated, though rarely, because at least we know our job is not being overlooked. Sometimes, there will be comments and feedback, saying how our shots are lousy or things like you should try to conceal yourself more(??!!!). Feedback can be great because it teaches us where we went wrong so that we can improve from there. But those nonsensical ones by those who don't know better, really pisses me off. If you could do a better job, go ahead, no one's stopping you. Obviously, there's a reason behind everything a photographer does. We try our best not to disrupt the event but there's got to be shots to be taken. Do you see the wedding photographer stand behind a bush to take his/her shots? No, duh. So yeah, think before you speak.

I don't know why I suddenly have the urge to rant oops paiseh paiseh. Sincerely hope that everyone in the club will keep up their passion and continue shooting and learning and improving and inspiring the rest and the juniors.

Below are some shots that I took awhile ago at Marina Bay Sands. The first club outing for my batch I think.
Can't remember, blame my memory. Enjoy nature.

Daisies, I love.

I love nature.


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