Lucky me

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Life after PW is goooodd *thumbsup* Gonna leave the PW thing-a-ma-git to another blogpost (stay tuned! to our celebration party haha. I realised I have got so many things to write about ahhhhhhh:)

Before I go on, here's some shots with my pretty welfare team. Met up to discuss for CCA camp, many details not yet settled but I'm hoping for the best, sounds exciting already!

hehe shirley's eyes closed but still pretty
Alicia, Shirley, Me
Bought some sweets and tea at Marks & Spencer
My fav sherbets. Only eat the pink and red ones though.
On sunday, I had a short casual chat with my neighbour, ZhanTeng, who usually isn't around cos he has NS duties. So thankful that our family has such nice and friendly neighbours! I know there are people who don't even say hi to their neighbours, let alone talk to them. They have been living next to us for a good 10 years! Can't believe how times flies and we are all growing up at such a fast pace. He just walked by my house and then we just started chatting at the door LOL. Impromptu much. Found out that he's gonna be flying off to Germany (when I think of Germany I can't think of anything but beers and OctoberFest) soon and won't be back till December. Since we haven't seen him in a while, thought it would be nice to go out for lunch together with my bro and catch up abit. Impromptu us decided to go out for lunch the very next day.

Now I need to rant about my bro. He took forever and ever (till the cows came home) to decide on a place to eat. Ugh. Even after I told him to choose a ramen place. Super indecisive -_-

Thank god he finally decided on Menya Musashi Ramen at Ion Orchard. I was pretty excited cos I love love love love loovvee Ramen! Lucky that ZT likes it too haha. Reached there about 1.45pm but it wasn't crowded at all yay.

Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn #B3-25
Tel: +65 65099394
Daily: 11.30am - 10pm
Nearest station: Orchard

The interior
Japanese-y interior
They have 3 soup options to choose from: White (pork), Red (spicy), Black (garlic). Me being adventurous, wanted to try the black garlic broth but then decided not to cos I was afraid my breath would stink. Gross.

Cha Shu Ramen, Gyoza, Fried Iza
Technically my bro was supposed to only treat only ZT but aiya shunbian treat me also luh haha! Was too excited to eat my side dish, baby octopus, so didn't snap a shot. But it's like any other japanese restaurants, no diff to me. Prices was affordable. Honestly didn't really take note of it cos my bro's paying HAHA. Worst sister award goes to me thanks thanks.

The broth was thick and flavourful, the ramen Cha-shu tasted fresh. Overall, 10/10 ratings hahaha. But then again I'm a sucker for ramen.

The guys eating their ramen
wah so happy
Happy neighbours (ZT, my bro, me)
If HDB or some organisation wants to shoot an ad or find a story on neighbours who gets along well, they should get us. We will be perfect for that job!

All smiles :D

After which we headed for Cold stone creamery at Orchard Central. My virgin experience at coldstone, too poor to afford luxury ice cream. This time it was ZT's treat. Which brings me to the title of my post today "Lucky me". Didn't need to pay a single cent that day for lunch and dessert! Yippee thanks guys, so awesome to have older bros to pay for your meals.

Mandatory "holding my ice-cream" shot
We had the largest scoop "Gotta Have It" per person which was a whopping $9.90 each, gosh. So freaking ex but so freaking good. Thick and creamy! Mine was Banana Caramel Crunch which I went bananas over haha. Le bro had Peanut Butter Cup Perfection which he said was dry, awww, what a waste. ZT had Apple Pie which was not bad. Ice cream and fruits just go so well together.

There's something magical about ice cream-it's happiness in a scoop. Ice cream just makes me really really happy! I'm such a child.

Had a great time catching up with ZT with all his army stories and just life in general. Have a safe flight to Germany! Hope that his journey will be smooth-sailing. Till next month~

Navy dress (bugis street), Black necklace (bugis street), White gold necklace (gift from uncle)

Anyway, I've recently watched 3 episodes of "The Heirs/ The Inheritors". The storyline is cliche, same old cinderella story of poor girl meeting rich guy. I guess that's what appeals to girls out there, the fairtytale story, cos everyone wants their love life to be like a fairytale with happy endings. The cast is so good-looking! Lee Minho, Park Shin-hye, need I say more? He's so dashing and she's so gorgeous and their acting skills are superb. Can't wait to set aside more time to catch it!


p.s. heading out to haji lane with Minnee tomorrow!

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