Baking fun: Matcha Shortbread cookies & bread

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Ohio! I'm blogging from class chalet at Aranda. The wifi is horrible. Brought my laptop to do some work but guess I'm too tired for that zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Anyway, went to zhaoying's house to bake again! Thankful that she always invite me to her house to bake because I don't have an oven at home. We were supposed to bake matcha shortbread cookies according to this recipe we found online ( that were supposed to look like this

 Sigh, we failed terribly, it looked nothing like how it should be. Somehow the dough was too dry and couldn't be rolled up to form the swirly pattern. We added more butter, more egg yolk, more flour more everything, just trying to make it better. Unfortunately, still didn't work out. I was pretty disappointed and I think ZY could tell and she actually asked me if I was. hahaha I'm such a child. Proceed on to the ugly cookies :(

First batch
Second batch

Okay luh at least they look natural or artistic feel, have ma? Like you know, back to basics, simple, fuss-free kind of vibe? Who am I kidding lol, trying to be optimistic here.

Her mum made some flower tea that was so fragrant. Did I mention that I love tea?

Crap, I'm such a foodie. How to diet lol. Btw you know how people usually lose weight after being sick? I'm the total opposite. Usually I don't eat as much and sometimes I skip meals, not cos I'm trying to diet but just that I'm really not hungry. But because I was sick, I had to eat medicine after food, causing me to have regular meals and growing ffaaatttt :(

ZY's parents are always so friendly and nice, and super humorous, love hanging out at their place. Her parents were baking bread and her mum asked me if I wanted to help and I didn't hesitate haha. Actually, I only helped to shape the bread and put in the filling, wasn't involved in the whole kneading the dough process.


Look at it glow
Can you smell the fragrance of the bread? Smells so 香! Thank you auntie and uncle for having me over! I practically stayed there from afternoon till night and had dinner too.

If anybody out there tried the matcha shortbread cookies recipe, let me know how it worked out yeah? Or if you have better recipes too!

Looking forward to the good food at BBQ tomorrow!


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