Canelé macarons

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What's the fuss about macarons I thought? Sure it looks stunning what with the bright,vibrant colours, or the sweet pastel shades. But does it really taste good? The last time I had macarons was eons ago, and honestly, I was not impressed. Maybe cos it's probably from some dodgy bakery hahaha. This time around, I decide to give it another chance.

Here's some Canelé macarons, eye-candy, literally. I got a set of 6 for $11.50.

Purple: Violet Berries 
Brown: Hazelnut
Dark brown: Chocolate Noir
Pink: Rose
Brown with lines: Fleur de sel Caramel
Orange: Tropical Punch

The Violet Berries & Tropical Punch are part of their Summer collection, only available in stores. The rest are their specialties.
All of them taste fragrant and delightful! Like for rose, it felt like there were roses exploding in my mouth! And I like all things floral and flowery.
Caramel was especially titillating, and is the winner to me.
They are not as hard as they look, a bit crunchy but they a seem soft to me? Wah, it's too sweet for my liking, like immensely sweet. 

The interior of the store looked brilliant to me, but I didn't have time to eat there. Maybe, next time.

p.s. got back from chalet today, shall blog about it soon!

loving 'em macarons,

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