Someone's turned 17!

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31st October! Halloween? Nah. Sharyl's birthday!

Hahaha, who freaking cares about Halloween. Obviously not me, cos I'm too terrified of horror and supernatural whatnots. Actually, I've been to the Halloween Horrors Night twice, once at Night Safari (before they got stupid and decided to remove it for good), and another at Universal Studios Singapore before it was opened to public (my mum's company gave us some tix). And I'm pretty spooked out enough already, and I don't ever want to spend my $$ on that, rather go shopping. Supernatural/horror stuff really creeps me out cos I have a vivid imagination so if I catch a horror show, I'll be thinking of it for days,nights,months. The last horror show I actually sat through, at 12 years old, I still remember the story line and some images so yeah, definitely do not want to live through that ever again. Recently, tried to watch a horror show but I got so freaked out I left halfway LOL (more of that in another post).

Okay, back to the story today!

Went over to Sharyl's house to surprise her for her birthday! Zhaoying and Soekhui baked her a delicious chocolate cake which I didn't have a part in cos I was still in school chionging I & R! The surprise wasn't as well planned as last year's (had water balloons and everything) but it was the best we could do considering that we were busy with OP and PW. Hoped that she enjoyed it! 
We went to her house with a birthday cake in our hands and started singing her a birthday song. 
Sharyl the birthday girl! (credits: Sici)

Group photo (Sici, Sharyl, Me, Zhaoying, Soekhui, Wenxuan)

Sici, Sharyl, Me, Zhaoying, Soekhui, Wenxuan

The photos are kind of blur cos sharyl's maid took them haha. Her maid is so awesome, she's so nice and cooks really really well! Like restaurant level kind of yumminess. Love going to her house for dinner all the time HAHA. 

Didn't take much photos cos I was so drained out from PW that day and that my phone was dead, and that I didn't bring my camera along.

don't play play I have a knife 

Pardon my fat face, need to diet.

With soek, this girl getting prettier everyday

Halloween so need to act like ghost 
We were waiting for pizzas and they got really hungry so we decided to have some instant noodles in the meantime. I think I wasn't really thinking so I said 4 packets LOL. Sorry guys! Everyone ended up being abit full before the pizzas arrived. Paiseh paiseh! And wenxuan couldn't eat a lot cos he still had dinner at home. The pizzas came and it was so yum (dominos btw). Sooooo full from dinner that night.

No idea what the name of the game was that we played on her Xbox but it's fun haha. Some dancing game which I was so lousy at, can't dance for nuts. I was just flinging my arms and legs and trying to mimick whatever the characters were doing. That was the whole point of the game, to mirror the characters' dancing. Sweating when I was done "dancing" cos we went for the HARD version of every song. HAHAHA should have videoed the rest but I didn't want them to video me too so hahaha, so embarrassing ooppsss. Will definitely play it next time when I have the chance, quite fun, though totally lose face to the max.

Sharyl, thanks for being such a nice and wonderful friend, always having us over at your place for studying and dinners and mahjong and so much more. Really grateful for everything! Continue being crazy and just be yourself cos we all love you for who you are :D here's to many more CCK outings hehehe


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