Girls day out!

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Ugh not sure why but I think I'm having rashes on my face. bloody hell. Stupid face giving me so much problems :( I hope it isn't what I think it is. 
The past week has been a vicious cycle of slacking and feeling guilty and slacking and feeling guilty. Work is still there, never gonna be done by itself so I better get my butts off my sofa and start doing it. Still, I definitely will spend quality time with my friends (and camera haha)! 


I'm sure many of you girls out there have heard of the MIYOC warehouse sales that was held last weekend. Being the shopaholic girl I am, of course I had to go. Gosh, my mum will kill me if she saw this but... nevermind haha. Sorrwweeee

I went there with Zhaoying and Angela on the friday afternoon can't remember what time. Should have gone there earlier! So sorry that I was late that day if not we would have went in earlier. Guess how long we queued? 2 freaking hours. 

We went on the first day so the stuff there weren't dirt cheap. Accessories were 2 for $10 and bags for $20 and clothes were from a range from $8-$20. It wasn't thhhattt cheap so not sure if it was worth it. But I bought a couple of stuff that didn't go over $12. But the wait to go in was terrible. And there was another queue inside for payment. Can you believe it.

Turns out on the other days, the stuff got cheaper and cheaper, so... haiii should have went during the weekends instead but I was so afraid it would be so crowded. Perhaps I can try for the next warehouse sales which is soon. I don't know. Gracia, you shouldn't. Stop. HAHA. I'll try. I swear.

The girls were in a rush to get their Illumi race pack and I was felt so bad for being late earlier in the afternoon. Surprisingly the train was pretty empty so we had to snap some shots!
Angela, Zhaoying, Gracia

We left with big bags! Ahhh feeling guilty now but whatever.

Angela being shy hahaha. I didn't know her until last year when we (zhaoying alicia her and I) went to catch The Script concert together. I was the extra one luh, they are really close friends who've been in the same class in year 1 and 2. This is actually the 2nd time we're hanging out together. She's friendly and cool, glad to have met her through them :D

Outfit shot. Stylo milo seh. Quite cool to me cos I can't pull off this look. Maybe I'll try next time.

Recently, my hair has gone nuts on me. Super duper frizzy and dry till I don't know what, wanna chop it all off. Just kidding, I won't ever, that will make it worse. My mum asked if I want to rebond my hair, but I absolutely hate ultimate straight hair cos it's just not my style. I'm the girl with the wavy/curly/crazy hair and that's how I roll.

Striped Dress (MIYOC: can't remember which brand/shop), Necklace (lovisa), Bracelet (MIYOC), Bag (H&M), Shoes (Robinsons?)

The bracelet was only 5 bucks, and it's so pretty, shall take a closer shot of it when I wear it next time.

The MRT is actually a not bad place to take outfit shots just because everything is white. Trying out some stuff on photoshop just because I should really get to using it to edit photos. The thing is, I'm indecisive and well I don't know which photo looks better haha. Probably the last one? They are all cool in their own way.

Meanwhile, stay happy and keep smiling!


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