Singapore, my home.

By 08:53

Riot in Singapore? Woah. All over the internet now. Photos, videos. It's terrifying, things like this happening in Singapore, of all places. Being curious, I went to watch the videos. There were all these people, turning over police cars, climbing onto police cars, setting the ambulance on fire? And it's not like one or two people, it's a whole bunch of people, so many of them against that few measly police cars. 

The first thing that comes to mind is: wtf. Who are you to disrupt the peace in my society, in my country, in my home? I felt betrayed, like as if someone living in my own house just set my house on fire. This feeling, it's weird, never felt like this before. Perhaps riots in other countries are common, but to bring all that to Singapore, seriously, you're just asking for trouble.
I sincerely hope that the news will bring light on this matter soon. It's not clear what went on there, and the public deserves an explanation. Why on earth were these people so upset, what got them so enraged that they had to whack buses and overturn police cars? Nonetheless, I hope justice will be served in due time.
Singapore's safety should not and should never be compromised.  

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