Study date@Rochester Park

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Boohoo. Study time. Thank goodness it's somewhere nice at Starbucks@Rochester Park. It isn't that far but it isn't too near either but at least we won't end up seeing people from our school cos it's just distracting/odd/paiseh/etc. Headed there with Julia first while Zhaoying joined us later. It was our first time there so we walked forever till we finally got there. Turns out, we went the long way.

Stupid me, didn't take some nice shots of the place, too cool I tell ya. Too cool. Btw, Rochester Mall (which is right beside me) is so ulu, seems like a nice place for dates haha, just saying, not like I will ever go on one soon. 
Sometimes, I wonder why my head is so big when my brain is probably small and puny. I finally started on math homework and I was stuck at literally every question. So sorry guys, had to keep troubling them, especially Julia cos she was doing math also. I'm such a burden :(

Star Vista was super near so we had lunch there. Apparently they have like a gazillion cafes/restaurants/eateries, I'm definitely heading there soon! Also quite ulu and less crowded maybe cos it was a weekday. Looks promising for another study date.

Since there was a 1-for-1 deal for fish & chips at this place called the "Boston seafood shack", we ate there. Was contemplating between subway (cos it's healthy and cheap) and this. Somehow, the interior got me interested and we went it.

Basically the interior looks pretty damn cool, trying to imitate the Boston Quincy Market style with its wooden furnishings. 

There was these nets with seafood/food hung from the ceiling that was ingenious!

So, I was wondering why this name feels familiar of some sort. Then, it struck me. I've been to the actual Quincy Market when I was in America last year!


Here's me and le bestie (amanda) at the actual Quincy Market. Please ignore the fact that I look so cui. And yeah, I do wear specs.

Woah, all those good memories. I would run around the earth just to get to America again. Kidding, lost all my stamina. Okay back to present day horrors lol.


Fat face ugh
Julia and Zhaoying
Zhaoying had Peach Panna Cotta which was Italian pudding. Somehow or rather, it tasted like cream cheese, at least it had that texture, especially so with the crust at the bottom. Not bad.

Both Julia and I had the Cod. There were other options on the menu, snapper and some other local fish.

Cod was not bad. The batter was better than Manhattan Fish Market (Please don't go there, total rip-off). Their fries were good! Although the coleslaw/salad tasted a tad sour? Overall, it was a not too bad lunch at $7 ++ (originally $14).

However, after eating, I felt so full from all the fried stuff, totally regretted it. Should have been made the healthy choice and ate subway in the first place. Oh well. Annddd the weirdest thing is they don't serve plain water, if you want water, you have to buy mineral water from them. wwwhhhatttt

Boston Seafood Shack
1 Vista exchange green #01-46 Singapore 138617
Tel: +65.6694.3984

Didn't take a group shot all day so I just randomly snapped this shot right when the train came and people started squeezing towards us. Great timing LOL

Sunset shot

Perhaps lunch took more time than it was supposed to because all I did that day was a compre and a chapter of math homework. Maybe we might skip lunch next time? 

Let's all pray that I will finish my homework


Outfit shot: Denim top (bugis stree), Necklace (rubi), Leggings (H&M), Sandals (rubi), Bracelets (pushcart stall)

This is the very first time I'm wearing sandals! Not really sure if it looks okay on me but should be fine I hope! Always wanted to get a pair but luck was never on my side and I couldn't find a pair that I really liked/is affordable. So lucky I bought this at Rubi@WestGate for 15 bucks. Actually there was supposed to be 30% discount but the horrible cashier only gave us the voucher AFTER we paid?! So pissed thinking about the money I could have saved. Horrible horrible person, karma will strike.

I don't think I look short here but I'm actually only 155cm, shhhhhhh.


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