Good food, Good company @The Book Cafe

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OMG it's freakingly 2 december already, november's over gosh. Still trying my best to edit and filter the 2000++ photos that I took on the trip. Should have brought my laptop with me to do some stuff throughout the 2 weeks. Reality's kicking in and there's a lot of work to be done with whatever time I have left.
Anyway, this post is way way way way overdued. Had a lunch date with le BFF Amanda during the week after promos and kept forgetting to upload the pics/had pw to settle.  feel so bad now 对不起 sooo sorryyyy!

I decided to go with "The Book Cafe" cos the place seems nice and the food looked really good, yums. It was pretty inaccessible and throughout the whole journey, I just thought to myself I'm so getting a car when I can drive. Then again, COE nowadays is like effing high seriously, don't think I'll be able to afford one boohoo. Or at least get to know someone who can drive me around hahaha, spoilt brat I know. Too used to my papa fetching me around. 

20 Martin Road
Tel: +65 6887 5430
Sun to Thu: 8.30am-10.30pm
Fri & Sat: 8.30am-12 midnight

Can't remember how we got there but something in my mind tells me we alighted at "clarke quay" MRT station and had to take a bus to that place. Ugh, so mafan, but it was all worth-it! We actually walked another route which was the long way instead of the short-cut. Didn't regret abit cos we explored the area and took a couple of nice shots! (maybe next time can do a photo shoot there)


Entered some random alley which had cool backdrops which I had to snap! 

 I sat on the stack-up chairs and got some stares from the staff in the restaurant. Not sure if this space is part of their restaurant but thank god they didn't chase us away! Phew.

I was laughing so hard trying not to fall off! my scrunched up face LOL

Love the architecture of the shophouses!
The wind was blowing so hard
Finally after a gazillion years we reached our destination! The place is surprisingly quiet which initially scared me a little cos I was there to chat with Amanda and not to maintain silence so I was afraid I would disturb the other patrons. Turns out, nobody cared lol. Everybody was chillax-ing and in their own world. Sipping their tea, reading their papers, tranquility at its best. 

They have a whole range of books and magazines for you to read and watch the world go by.

Great ambience, great place for brunch! Obviously I chose a place where they serve ALL-DAY BREAKFAST  cos I love breakfast! Ordered a pot of earl grey tea and eggs benedict. Amanda wasn't hungry so I offered to share with her.

earl grey

Eggs benedict set!
omg feeling hungry just thinking about it! The eggs were cooked perfectly with the yolk oozing out and the hashbrown was just nice, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Love it! Can't remember how much it costs but it was affordable. The total bill was about $23 if my memory serves me well. If you're not into breakfast, they have other food on their menu, pasta, dessert, sandwiches. 

Had a great time catching up with my bestie, Amanda, who's getting prettier everytime I see her haha. Chatted and gossiped endlessly that day. Just like how I would like everyday to be, with good food and good company.

We've known each other since Year 1 since we're in the same class but we didn't really talk and weren't even in the same clique, almost strangers I would say. Some bad stuff happened in year 2 which left me with a bad impression of her so I told myself not to get close to her (I don't think I ever told her this). But I think she probably had a bad impression of me too lol. Until we got into the same class again in Year 3 which forced us to rely on each other since we were the only 2 girls from our year1-2 class in this new class. At the start, I was quite hesitant and didn't want to open myself up to her. Slowly, I realised she's not like I thought she was. and BAM we clicked and have been best friends since! She may look quiet but that's only cos you don't know her yet. When I really got to know her she's totally crazy and fun hahaha. We were inseparable in year 3-4, always sticking with each other. And it's amazing how we think alike and understand each other so well. So thankful to have you around during those times and now too. I know you're a friend I will still see in the years to come and someone I can definitely count on.

Here's to many more years ahead. 


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