Photography adventure: Macritchie Reservoir

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Headed to Macritchie Reservoir to shoot a while ago! I've been wanting to shoot for all of the holidays and well, at least some of us turned up. Sighpie, sucks that so many people were overseas... hopefully more will be around for the next gathering!

Mr jiang and I arrived late because we knew others would be later haha. Actually, I was deliberating whether or not to go because I was feeling so bloody tired and there was this freaking huge pimple on my forehead that has decided to reside there even till now... Ugh. Just go away already :(       Anyway, I still went because I was the one who wanted to go out and shoot in the first place! Thank god I beat my laziness! YAY ME *chimes like London Tipton*

We met at Marymount mrt station and Jx and I SAT ON THE FLOOR outside the gantry to wait for wensu. Luckily I was all dressed up for this sort of stuff. Just wore a t-shirt, jeans and my new kicks (new balance)! Compared to wensu who was dressed so nicely cos she had other plans later on, I looked so cui.

Jx led the way cos he's the only one who knew the way. 

This passageway looked quite cool but jx walked so fast couldn't take a nice shot of it lol.
We walked for quite a while before finally reaching the reservoir.

First thing I saw were these cool people canoeing/kayaking (I have no idea what the difference is, someone please tell me)! Initially, I wanted to approach them to ask if I could take photos but they seemed to be having lessons with a coach, who happened to look really big and fierce, so I didn't dare to go super near them.

Going strong

Eventually, I went quite close luh. I was so darn afraid that they would go "OI!" or chase me away or something. Better to be invisible than to get scolded right. There was this pathway that goes into the reservoir and it is actually unstable. I got a hell of a shock when that thing shook HAHA.

That wasn't the highlight. The main purpose to go macritchie was to take the sunset. But that will be last on the post. Save the best for the last! 

Oh and weihan and an ex-teacher joined us.

We followed the path and went on to the other side of the reservoir where holy moly there were so many monkeys everywhere! One family went to feed the monkeys with random snacks and when they tried to leave, there was one monkey that chased after them! It ended up looking into the baby's stroller for food! I was totally OMG-ing the entire time because I was so scared it would attack them or even me!


I'm not sure why but these monkeys were constantly looking for leaves to chew on, perhaps for moisture? I know they can be possibly cause harm to humans but I'm hoping maybe someone do feed them. Nparks? I don't know. 
There was this cute walkway which leads to a "I don't know what do you call it". 

adorable kid running about

I wanted to capture the shadows that was casted by the rippling waters onto the ceiling of this wooden structure, but I don't think it's obvious enough here...

Ahoy matey!

We walked on further and the guys walked so fast, wensu and I just took our time to stroll and take in the scenery. Apparently macritchie is a spot for family outings because we saw quite a number of them especially those with young kids!

This cute kid was smiling before we went up to take photos! Maybe he was too shocked, or just afraid lol. Tried to talk to him and make he laugh/smile but unfortunately he didn't. 

Awwww, such QTPIES, am I right? Somehow somehow, adults with kids look/seem so much friendlier and more approachable. The parents were all very nice and allowed us to take photos of their kids. Aiyo, which reminds me, I should have asked for their email so that I can send them these photos! Too engrossed in the moment that I actually forgot such important details...

These shots were all taken not far away from each other. Jx, wh and I went over the boundary and sat on the "shore". If I'm not wrong, macritchie is on reclaimed land, because I saw the fabric thing under the "shore" which we also saw previously when we had a trip to Pulau Semakau. 

Speaking of which, when we wanted to head out to a different spot, jx stood up, grabbed his bag and dropped his lens which then rolled to the waters! OMG when I saw the lens dropped my heart just fell, literally. We were so stunned we didn't even move! Sorry, I should have reacted faster. Hopefully it can be fixed. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. Why does equipment have to cost so much?:(

Later on, when we reached this spot, where we also went over the boundary, wh spoilt his flash. He was just testing the power and then it went "pop". Like whuutt. They were so suay and it wasn't even friday the 13th or anything like that. That's why after that, I was feeling quite paranoid throughout the night, fearing that something bad might happen to me/my equipment (which honestly isn't much compared to theirs).

Anyway, here are the best shots of the day/night!

I was so paranoid that I went back up and didn't want to sit with them near the waters because I was afraid I might fall or my stuff would fall in. When we were preparing to leave, I was looking for my bag to keep my stuff. The guys played a prank on me and lied to me saying that my bag fell into the water, and I was damn scared for a moment because I had everything inside, my wallet, phone etc. Turns out Jx hid my bag somewhere else haha. Heng ah.

Really enjoyed myself that day just going out to shoot and catch up with them! Thanks jx for bringing us there!

I'll try my best to blog about the Shanghai trip soon. There's so much I want to write down to remember...Stay tuned!


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