we were young once

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My 10 dec was booked by this lovely bunch of people. Primary school friends! So grateful for them in my life. Honestly, I thought we would all lose contact with each other after a while but it seems that we are gonna stay strong will forever haha. Love them to bits for putting in the effort to meet up and have fun together once in a long while.

There were supposed to be more, but some couldn't make it last minute. Missed the rest.
Our original plan was to go ECP/Pasir Ris to cycle and then go with the flow as to what to do the rest of the day but since there weren't as many people as we thought there would be, we just decided to nua around in cck. Too lazy to travel all the way there and back. House-hopping adventure started! Actually, just yizhuang's and malcolm's house haha.

We didn't do much, just talked and I introduced them to 非诚勿扰 which is this China Matchmaking show on TV. I know it sounds so stupid and lame but it's actually quite funny and interesting! Don't judge. YZ's room is too cosy! We could have just slept there for days and nights.

Following which we headed for lunch and then meowcalm's house for mahjong! The unique thing about his house is that there's still huge space outside it, it's like his own frontyard in some sense. No idea how long we played but we just played and played the whole afternoon away. Intense rounds of thinking and strategising. Mahjong is so much fun! It's way better than playing cards. 

Crashing meowcalm's house would be incomplete without ... TABOO! Best game ever, apart from the fact that I can't guess for nuts. For those who don't know what this game is about, basically, you have to describe a word without saying close relevant words, and the other party has to guess the word.

Apparently, my brain doesn't think as fast as it should so I'm bad at guessing. Or maybe because YZ just kept spurting a whole string of words until he gets the right one. Eventually, I said no more guessing for me and I did all the describing of the words. You might call me a sore loser but I say I do what's best for me HAHA. 

Pearlynn, Yizhuang, me, Malcolm

JC life is hectic and we all have our own bunch of other friends. But thank you for still bothering to meet up and stay connected. Though the times we spent now may be short, I know that we will still be in each others' lives in the future. When I'm with you guys, I feel young again, like as if I'm 12 again. Then we start talking about our lives, the primary school times/friends/classmates and their lives now, and bam, reality sets in and I feel older again. All the best for JC2 next year!


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