Shanghai OVIA Part 1

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Finally, I'm here to pen down everything that happened during my recent OVIA (previously known as OCIP) trip to Shanghai! This trip was supposed to be held in June but because of the H1N1 outbreak, it was cancelled. Fortunately, the teachers were still supportive of this trip and decided to hold it during the December holidays. Originally, I was meant to go with Alicia but then I also don't know how but she her name didn't appear on the list... So, I had to go on a trip with strangers. I only knew a few people, whom I wasn't close to, and there were those who I didn't even see/hear before, and these were people from my own batch. Sorry guys, it's just that I'm a low profile person and well, somehow, some of paths never crossed in the 5 years in school together. To be honest, I was quite hesitant and nervous at the start, because these are people who know each other and I thought I would be left out. It wasn't as bad as I thought as everyone were all very friendly and nice! But of course, it would have been more fun if I went with my friends. Nonetheless, it was a fun trip! 

Btw, some of the photographs may not be as good as they should be because I didn't bring my dslr along, too mafan/bulky and I was afraid of spoiling it. This time round, I brought my Canon G1-X! Not as used to it but it's quite good :)

Okay, here we go~

Day 0 or is it Day 1?

Headed to the airport with Ngoctham and our families. Hmmm, it was quite weird for me because I didn't know anyone then. Felt quite out of place... My dad took some group shots for us but I have no idea where he places the files. Shall find them soon.

With Ngoctham
I was wearing specs because I knew I would sleep. obviously I can't do that with my contacts on.

Mandatory airport shots here. Actually I wanted to walk around more but time wasn't on my side. 

I know these shots are a bit blue-ish as they are taken through a blue tinted glass. However, that is what I love about it.

jett, wanlu, qijia, peiying, ngoctam, me

my plane buddies: gladys and qijia

I know some people utterly hate sitting on planes. For instance, my mum. Whenever I go overseas, she will start telling me about the time when she went America and she had to sit on the plane for 20+ hours and how difficult it was. I'm the exact opposite. I love every bit about the plane ride! Previously when I went america, I just sleep like most of the time LOL. Yeah, I usually just sleep my time away. You have no idea how much I wanted to watch all the movies they have but I just couldn't. Not sure why but planes just make me want to sleep all the time. 
Oh, the SQ plane food didn't taste as good as it used to.

I was too tired to take any shots in the Shanghai airport so I didn't. Plus it was so bloody cold! I'm not thick-skinned, literally. I get/feel cold really easily, especially my hands and feet, and my nails would turn purple. 

The bus that arrived for us looked a bit dodgy... thankfully the other bus rides were better.

I look so unglam but the rest looked so cute/funny lol

For that day, we went to this "scam market" where everything they sell there are imitation goods. It ranges from apparel, accessories to things like DVD/drama packs. You name it, they've got it. The mall was huge, about 5 levels but the stuff they have are more or less about the same... So if you've got something in mind already, just go and look for it and it would save you a lot of time.

Food-wise, there's a food court at the top (5th) level.

Ngoctam and I shared some 排骨面 thing. I think it was only 18 yuan which is about 4 SGD! Tastes quite yummy too.

Here's everyone at the dinner table! 

I realised now that I didn't take any photos in the mall oh gosh how dumb of me. Too engrossed shopping paiseh haha. Anyway I got scammed there so I don't have good memories. Haii stupid me was in a rush of time and I didn't really bother to bargain much so I ended up paying a lot more than I should. Plus the store owner's face was so bloody black luh omg haiiii. Seriously, too stupid liao. 

Yesh, this brings me to my point. 
*** BARGAIN FOR EVERYTHING. Really, even in legit shopping malls, you can do that. 
Sometimes if you buy more, they might consider selling you even cheaper so shop in groups! If they give you black face just walk away, if they are sincere about selling it they will shout after you and ask you back LOL. But of course don't bargain until so 夸张, people still have to run their business. Definitely have to be more thick-skinned!

The street outside the mall, dazzling lights! Not sure if it's cos of Xmas or what.

Ngoctam and I
 We were all waiting out there in the cold (read:freezing) for the bus and it so happens that there was a bubbletea shop there! 
Do you see!!! The cup is soooooo HUGE it's almost/bigger than the size of jett's face. Holy moly. No photoshop here I assure you. If I'm not wrong this should be the largest and it's also cheap too, can't remember the price though.

In the photos, it may look super dark, like it's really late but actually it's isn't. Because it's winter in shanghai, the sun sets earlier.

Finally, our last destination that day was to the National Stadium which was near our hotel. We can easily travel by foot within 10 mins to this place. In Singapore, our sports stadium is as its name says, just for sports. In Shanghai, their stadium is like all-in-one, there's a supermarket, eateries, shops, it's like a mall there. Envy china's land space and how they can build all these while we can't. 

With Qijia my roomie!

Being in china, I feel that it's safer to drink bottled water rather than boil it. Never ever ever drink tap water! They also don't provide plastic bags, they charge money if you need one, so do bring some on the go. Not sure if save mother earth or save money HAHA

Night time is usually free-and-easy so we had to settle our own dinner. In shanghai, of course we will eat.... XIAO LONG BAO 小龙包woopwoop

zan, wanlu, ngoctam, jett

There was also this drink called dou jiang豆浆, that is popular in china. It's supposed to be a soybean drink but it tastes horrid. Basically, we call it "smoke water", for the simple fact that it really tastes like a mixture of smoke and water. HAHAHA too funneehhh. You could try it to tastes how bad it is, but you won't take more than a sip.

The rest ate alot and I decided to explore the place despite it being so cold! I went alone because everyone else was still having their dinner. Sorry if I worried you guys paiseh paiseh.

 Many of them travel by motorbikes. Thus they are everywhere.

 China's fast food: (literal translation) Real Kungfu

Notice the man behind the drapes? Probably not. He's a cleaner who's busy wiping the glass outside, in the cold, without any coat. 

Now, I realised, I also didn't take a photo of our hotel room lol. Mainly because I was afraid things might appear inside, if you know what I mean. But nah, the room felt really "clean" and clean. Super happy that everything is so brightly lit up and there are no weird mirrors in the bedroom area. I absolutely hate those yellow lighting/low lighting shit, can't stand it, gives me the creeps from head to toe.

Wow, there's still so many things to say for so many more days. I hope I'll be able to do so by the holidays hahaha. No need to say also know I'm a procrastinator.


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