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Today was such a long day! I had so much fun at the wedding photography outdoor photoshoot together with my cca mates and our models and especially from looking at eve and xingyao awwwww. Wedding photography, is one aspect that I enjoy a lot because of many reasons shall do up a post on that when I'm done editing the photos!


Just some random photos from the past weeks/months (mostly from twitter: @graciaowww)

Minnee, jenny and I went to Queensway shopping centre for some reminiscence of our Malan days. Lol, nah, it was because we had to get school supplies and decor from Ikea for the class

Yums curry chicken which I think isn't too far off from my mum's cooking.

My virgin experience at buying an ikea ice cream! So cool huh? See all that creamy ice cream oozing out of the machine~

 And we saw Michelle Chong!!! Ahhh she's so gorgeous and such a capable woman, so honoured to see her in person! 

 Postcard from Italy from Vanessa, my childhood friend. I love receiving postcards, that's why I sent them out to when I'm overseas. One, for myself, one, to Vanessa and sometimes another to whoever comes to mind or whom I missed when I'm in a foreign land.

Xiang piao piao which my dad and bro loved! It's diabetic luh soooo sweet. Shall make a mental note to buy more if I ever go to china again. Btw it's dirt-cheap, I think one of this costs like 0.30+ RMB? Which is about 60 cents in Singapore!


Had a great catching-up session with the piano gang because Matilda is back in Singapore after her exchange :) Ms Ng made yummmmsssss tiramisu. It's perfect, and she should totally sell it because I will buy it. Kidding, I will ask her to make it for me for free hahahahaha. Waaa thinking about it now just makes me hungry.

Waffle thing-a-magit that Matilda brought back from overseas! Yums to the max.

 Currently trying to read this book which I bought sometime back when the movie came out because I wanted to read it first before watching it. In the end, I didn't have time for either. (feat. the bookmark jingting and julia got for us all for valentines last year)

Starring Patrick and Spongebob, these 2 furry guinea pigs! Went to siew yeng's house to slack and hangout on a random day after school because I didn't wanna go home. These furballs are so cute and they are huge gosh, was a bit frightened.

Decorated the school planner because it's too ugly. I think I did quite a good job ^^
My family was indifferent to it- asked my dad if it's nice, he just said, "orh, not bad" LOL

 My big face for you to see 

Dried persimmon which my grandma bought ); *touched that she still remembers*

Pork belly soup, haven't had it in a really long time!

See the electron deflection during physics practical, looks very sci-fi.

Dilmah tea from Julia for valentines hahaha because she said she didn't have time to buy chocolates so she gave this! So cute that she wrote individual haikus for all of us and tried to link to the tea in them.


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