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Haish, life's tough, JC life, just a few more months left. I hope I'll make it in the end.

Apart from my studies, I also had another heavy commitment, being the cca leader of photog. Yeah, it's not exactly a big cca but because it's small, there's so many more things we have/want to do and achieve. The opportunities are endless. Of course, I would'nt have been able to create so many firsts in our cca, without the help of "The Dream Team". HAHA that's what we call ourself, cos the seniors told us we were the dream team, all of us being best suited for our specific job scopes. So that became our "name" and our whatsapp group chat name hahaha. Quite shameless luh but it sounds cool!

During our term, we've been through a lot, like all "groupwork", there's bound to be misunderstandings and many obstacles but I'm glad we always manage to look pass them to focus on our work. Though we don't really spend much time outside of cca together, hopefully we will still meet up after As to catch up once in a while. To look back and reminisce on our "younger days". 

Thank guys for putting in so much effort in everything that you do. Thank you Shirley and Alicia for always creating the lively atmosphere in cca. Sorry that you all didn't get the chances to 发挥 your talents, that is definitely one of the many regrets I have. Thank you Weihan and Jiangxu for being so good at what they're good at, being so pro and always teaching us so much, inspiring me to improve on my skills and explore new genres. Guys, pls jio me for more outings, I really enjoyed the macritchie one we went haha. Shooting with them, I always learn something new. Always. 

The people I'm most grateful to is Eelynn and Mr Wong. My VP has always been there for me, my pillar of strength all this time. Whenever I get really troubled or frustrated over cca issues, she will also be there as my confidante and let me rant about everything and give me advice with an open mind. Love her for all that she has done for me and for the club. And also mr wong who has put in so much time and effort for us to be where we are today. He's always giving us impromptu training sessions just because he has so much knowledge to impart to us, supporting us in the things we want to do, introducing and giving us countless opportunities to explore new genres and just being the cool awesome teacher he is. Come on, which teacher will lend you their personal lenses and camera just so you can try them and get some good pictures. Mind you, those things aren't cheap okay... thank you for trusting us to do our good and I hope we've done well hehe.

I really miss those cca sessions where we get to relax after school and learn so much and have so much fun. It's never a dull session at cca. I mean, who gets to take wedding shots or have their own photoshoot session  [look at this http://graciaowww.blogspot.sg/2014/02/bringing-picnic-indoors.html] ?? I'mma right or right LOL. So we've stepped down already and we've got to move on and concentrate on mugging our asses off. I hope that each and everyone of us will go on to getting our desired grades and course in uni. Confirm will see a few names on the screen next year yeah? 

In the meantime, I trust that the juniors will do us proud cos they are also really good at what they should be doing. Maybe they can call themselves "The A Team" HAHA. Looking forward to seeing their achieved even more milestones than we have!

 This was the only shot we have after we officially stepped down and walao I look so bad plzzzz  I was trying my best to tiptoe and like kept laughing luh lamezzzzz HAHA what a dumbass. Besides me, everyone looks great. and, everyone used this pic to post on insta lor, thanks guys thanks lol

My awesome VP Eelynn! Never realised I'm so much shorter than her :O 
Tbh I was really lazy to take photos haha. Lazyass. 

me, Eelynn, Alicia, Shirley, Jiangxu, Mr Wong, Weihan

I smile until cannot see my eyes eww. Okay apart from me everyone looks great! I'm sure you all will do great in whatever you want to do. Eelynn, future top dentist, Alicia, future still prettygirl96, Shirley future top plastic surgeon, Jiangxu future top doctor, Weihan future top photographer, pls gimme discount when I need your services next time HAHA

Mr wong awarded us after our stepdown with a buffet dinner at Sakura! Wah so generous horh! Of course we had to buy something in return to express our gratitude for his help and everything he has done for us all these while. 

What do you buy for someone who has done so much for us? Honestly, we had a difficult time trying to think of something to get for him cos it's not like we can buy him anything that's related to photography right too bloody ex. I was studying at starbucks with eelynn before that and I happen to remember mr wong saying he doesn't drink starbucks and giving me a free starbucks drink voucher, and saying he prefer coffeebean. So, we got him coffeebean stuff haha. 

Ate till we were so full and we talked all the way till they closed!

We used Mr Wong's selfie stick for this shot!!! Got judged while using it but whatever it looks good, apart from the fact that it's damny noisy and grainy hahaha.

Let's all work hard and get our As for As yeah? FIGHTING~


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