iLight@Marina Bay 2014

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It's been all sorts of impromptu fun times out with my best impromptu and spontaneous (not chem pls, I've had enough of it haish) buddy Mun! Couldn't have asked for a better buddy like her. Actually we haven't talked since primary school which is forever... Somehow or rather we just didn't hand out after primary school. But when we met up, it was as though we travelled back in time? Cos we talked and talked like before, my long-lost friend haha. Even though we've both changed so much over the years, and yet we're still the same? HAHA I don't know how to explain it but yeah it is what it is. It was great to catch up and listen to all the stories I've missed out on over the years! 

Our first meet-up (we've been meeting up a lot ever since!) was to go catch the ilight@Marina [] which was in... March LOL. Sorry mun, now then upload the pics ><

We ate at Nandos' which was okay I guess, typical western food lor. Their signature dish is their peri-peri chicken. When I think of "peri" I think of Perry the Platypus from Phineas & Ferb haha too gross. 

They have their own blends of sauces so you might wanna try those out.

We spent so much time eating and talking, by the time we went to Marina it was pretty late and the place was so huge and the installations would be switched off by a certain time. Plus, I got lost and brought us to a different place. So we walked for ages before reaching just ONE installation before everything was switched off. so lame right -_- HAHA too stupid already...

We couldn't find our way around so just shot some random night shots on the way 

soooo we finally reached the first installation and we were sooo excited!!! It was so colourful and interactive and there were so many hyperactive kids running about. 

 These 2 ah boys chasing each other around and tripping everywhere

Cool huh? :D
HAHA this ah boy so cute horh! look at his chubby smile hehehe

Unfortunately after this, the lights all went off....

and well, we made another trip down the following day. 

Tron legacy feel right (though I've never watched the show)

This cute kid with her dazzzliinnggg toy! But she refused to smile );

ALL the children kept punching and squishing the inflated "bears/rabbits/dogs" etc. I mean they can't help it what they're kids. The staff (or volunteer?) there so poor thing had to stop the kids from having fun... and say nicely you know LOL.

This small boy saw me shooting and posed for a shot awwww QTPIE

The whole place was really crowded and packed with countless people, especially families with young children! Probably because the installations are all interesting and interactive and I can tell the kids have fun playing haha. For one, it's nice to soak in the exciting chillax atmosphere but then again it's soooo packed, and ppl keep banging into me ugh.

We were trying to take a nice shot together then these people just suddenly come in and photobomb -_- excuse me so rude plzzzz hmph

Chengmun, Me
The inflatable installations were so hipster with them glasses.

You might ask, how do photographers take proper selfies/self portraits... with a tripod duh. We placed it on the paveway and god I was so afraid some kid would bang into it and yeah there goes my camera. Luckily *no cameras were harmed in the making of the photos* LOL

 "I want to be rich"

Tbh this is my favourite one out of the collection. The colours, textures and curves. And the fact that it was hung atop a field where everyone was just relaxing at.

I couldn't tell when the timer was gonna go off so I just laughed stupidly HAHA

Being stupid and crazy as always~!
Thanks for all the stupid crazy adventures hahaha more to come


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