Club outing Part I (@Raffles Hotel)

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Very last club outing to check out the World Press Photo Exhibit@ Raffles Hotel, have some fun and games before ending the day with BBQ!

Unfortunately, I think the exhibit is long over cos this outing was in march LOL. #lazyassprocratinator

The photos are truly inspiring, covering on many different issues in the world today. There are those taken in war zones, about disabilities, about thai boxing, about the underwater world etc.etc. I believe they are available online at

For a moment there, I was curious about what it takes to be a photographer in a war zone. How do you get by without getting shot or killed while going around taking photos fast enough and close enough? Then I had some thoughts on whether I can be one. But then again, being a female, I think it would be even harder given the circumstances of those countries.

Hopefully, in the future, I would be able to do something meaningful too! 

Raffles Hotel's interior is gorgeous, love whites.

Bar at the lobby

Where else would there be a Leica show gallery than in Raffles Hotel right? Where people can actually afford it LOL. Obviously we had to take a look at the coveted leicas since we can never own one haha. The guy at the shop was so friendly and nice, explaining how they work and what goes into them and even letting us try shooting with it even though we weren't gonna buy it duh.

The reason why these cameras are sooo goddamn expensive is because they are handmade, down to the numbers and words on the camera which are hand-painted on!

It uses the range finder technology which gives the photo the sharpness to die for. And the boko is soo beaauutifulll

I'll post on the fun and games another time~

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